St. Joseph the Worker Catholic Church

"[They've no Webpage to crib from, so I'll need to get a description from them.]"

St. Joseph's does not yet have a website, but if you wish for more information, you may write Fr. George Crespin, head pastor, or write their snailmail URL, [address] or telephone them at (510) 943-2244 and talk to Ruth who runs the place. Good thing; without her the priests would be Ruthless.

I am proud to be seen with the most Usual of the Suspects, the Lft. Rev. Fr. Bill O'Donnell, the most dangerous of the pastors of St. Jo's. And as for my association with San José's, the Catholics are no dummies -- you want a good cantor, you hire a Jew ("Oy Vey, Maria....") And in the community of Berkeley, the church does the work of the Big J. and does him proud.

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