I am very pleased that someone so knowledgeable has compiled this important collection of perspectives by those who seek independence for Puerto Rico.

The United States holds Puerto Rico in a colonial status. Yet, few North Americans appreciate the political and economic situation of Puerto Rico.

The colonial control has direct and pervasive effects in the most important areas of Puerto Rican national life including monetary currency, defense policy and economic production.

The lack of Puerto Rican self-determination and the un-balanced relationship between the United States and Puerto Rico has been and continues to be a source of conflict.

With a better understanding of Puerto Rico and its relationship with the U.S., I believe that U.S. citizens will live up to the principles of our Declaration of Independence and of our Constitu tion and concede the right of the Puerto Rican people to self-determination and independence.

True self-determination for Puerto Rico would be an unmistakable symbol to Latin America and the world of a U.S. commitment to political freedom, national sovereignty, and a willingness to accept other peoples' choices of political and economic systems. It would insure a relationship between Puerto Rico and the United States that would be based on dignity and would be free of frustration and exploitation.

Voices for Independence by Jean Zwickel is important for both nations.

—Ronald V. Dellums, Member of Congress