Republic of California Coins

$5 coin, front and back

$5 Coin, actual size
Silver five dolar (yes, that's the correct spelling for the RoC) coin from the "Awanahee" series, 1975-1980. Still in common circulation.

actual size

One Cent coin, front

Republic of California Stamps

Fifteen Cent regular mail Five Cent regular mail Five Dolar Aeromail
One Dolar Special mail

Owen's Incorperacy Stamps

Owen's Fifteen OP regular mail - Special Commemorative Edition Owen's Eight OP regular mail

New England Money

$1 new england coin, front

Nickel/silver one dollar New England coin from their recent "silverback" series. In 1890, New England went to rectangular coinage$1 Coin, actual size just to be different from the U.S. and Canada (though they have an "official" explanation of why this is better). Up till 1920, these coins were all silver, but with the 1921 pressing, they went to a nickel/silver sandwich to save money. Half, quarter, and tenth dollars are now all nickel, while pennies are copper/nickel.

actual size