I got an email a couple of months ago praising my website, but asking some pointed questions about just what sort of governments existed in TrolleyWorld. Now, I hadn't actually done a lot of thinking about government in TrolleyWorld. Oh, some aspects have come up (you can infer some bits of government from things as diverse as my flags and maps), but I haven't done more than briefly think about things. However, the letter has encouraged me to codify things more, so...

...so, here's what I've got so far - and remember, this is all wildly alpha...:
Republic of California:

Technically a Parliamentary Republic.

Republic of California Titular head of the Republic is the Governor (a name kept because of tradition - there have always been Governors in California...). In practice, most of his "at home" duties are ceremonial these days, though he does have a lot of theoretical powers and operates more or less as the head of the diplomatic corps.

Originally chosen by the Parliament (and later, the Ministries), these days he/she is elected directly - though since who gets to run is chosen by a Parliamentary committee, this is less of a change than you'd think. Term of office five years and most only serve one or two terms - though one governor “ruled” for twenty-three years.

Day to day operations of the country are handled by the Prime Minister and the Ministries. Parliament chooses the PM and heads of these Ministries. Ministers are elected by Parliament using a system of proportional representation that guarantees even the loosing party has some ministries and it tends to insure at least two-thirds of the ministers “carry over” even if an election changes which party is the big winner. Thus, there’s no set term (and Parliament may replace a Minister any time it feels like it), but PM’s tend to be in for eight to ten years and many Ministers are in, well, for life...

Parliament itself (three hundred and eighteen members at the moment) is a mix of “at large” members and members specifically attached to the counties. They are directly elected every five years (an election held two years after the Gubernatorial one). On average, they (officially) meet about four months out of the year - though they have been in session far longer on occasion and one memorable year only met long enough to decide where they’d go have drinks after...
Other North American Nations:

Most of the other nations in North America are republics of one sort or another as well. Even Texas - though the President has many more powers than most - is technically a republic. Czarist America may still have a Czar - but he has about as much power as Elizabeth II does in OTL.

Exceptions are the Owen's Incorperacy - which is still half democracy, half co-op - the Empire of Mexico - which oddly enough is almost a pure democracy, except that the Emperor (and others in the 'Imperial' part of the government) can pretty much overrule anything this democracy decides (surprisingly, this actually works - though it gives headaches to those who study government - especially since Mexico is a comfortably well-off and free nation) - and the "Nation" - which is...not really definable.

Canada - while a parliamentary democracy - is also a member of the British Empire, which puts it in a category all it's own.

CanadaConfederate StatesCubaCzarist AmericaMexican EmpireThe NationNew EnglandNewfoundlandOwen's IncorperacyRepublic of TexasUnited States

Some Other Nations of the World:

Along with the Empire of Mexico, there are several other "Empires" in the world - the British, German, Austrian, Japanese and Brazilian. None are "Empires" in the Roman (or even 19th century) sense.

The British Empire is more along the lines of OTL's British Commonwealth, but with stronger ties between the countries and a defense/diplomatic set-up more like OTL's NATO than anything else. All the countries that make up the Empire are some form or another of parliamentary democracy (by Imperial Law, actually).

There's an exception with its Russian territories - they are a protectorate that it provides defense and other services for, but which are not considered part of the Empire proper (in fact, it would love to get rid of them...if it could figure out a way to do this without the whole area going up in flames again as everyone fights over the territory...)

The German Empire is more or less republican inside Germany proper, with an almost a straight out military autocracy outside of the German majority areas.

Austria...think the current E.U. (or, more correctly, what the E.U. wants to be) with an Emperor as its figurehead.

Japan is...well...it's just as weird there as it is here.

Brazil's Emperor (and Imperial Family) basically acts like he still runs things (and has other amusing fantasies - like claiming the Portuguese crown and overlordship of all current and past Portuguese colonies...), but in fact the place is run by about one-hundred of the richest families with a thin veneer of democracy over this to handle some of the more boring day to day governmental functions. Imperial trappings are, at the moment, useful to the families so they are allowed to remain.

There are several Russian (and other) governments handling the non-German or British lands that once composed the Russian Empire. They range from military juntas to surprisingly full democracies to complete monarchies. Of course, almost to a man, they all claim to be the One True Government of Russia. (Though Czarist America has given up on that fantasy - at least, the government has, the Czar may still toy with the idea of regaining the crown...).

Gran Colombia is aggressively democratic - perhaps too much so (foreign diplomats live in terror of trying to conclude any pacts with G. Colombia - as they all have to go through a referendum process).

Rest of the world, well, China's broken up into a dozen or so states - pretty much all in the standard 'Warlord' pattern, and apart from there...I haven't even really considered yet.

Austrian EmpireBrazilGerman EmpireEireEthiopiaFranceGran ColombiaUnited KingdomBritish Protectorate of RussiaItalian Republic

Comments? Suggestions? Sniggering giggles?