Austrian Empire Brazil
German Empire Eire
Ethiopia France
Gran Columbia United Kingdom
British Protectorate of Russia Italian Republic
Imperial Commonwealth of Nations

Flags of some major "TrolleyWorld" Nations

Austrian Empire: Based on the pre-Duel Monarchy "Merchant Ensign" and (oddly) post 1880 "War Ensign" (and it's just a crown and shield away from being OTL's current Austrian flag).

Empire of Brazil: Pretty much the same as OTL's except for the Imperial Arms in the center rather than the celestial sphere.

German Empire: Our world's German Empire flag with the addition of a double-headed eagle shield. I'll be honest and say I have no idea why I picked that shield, but it seems to work.

Eire: The classic "Green Flag" that was used by Irish republican/seperation movements from the late 1700's on. More or less the "national flag" before Ireland was officially a nation. On TrolleyWorld, it never got replaced by OTL's tricolor.

Ethiopia: The old (on OTL) Ethiopian flag. The Emperor still "rules" in Ethiopia on TrolleyWorld, though his power is only slightly less muted than the Queen's is in Britain, so the Lion still remains on the tricolor.

Republic of France: Classic French tricolor.

Gran Colombia: Based on the "Great Colombian Army Hussars Flag" of the 1820's, on TrolleyWorld's Gran Columbia, it became the national flag in 1934.

United Kingdom: I shouldn't have to say this, but this is the same UK flag as on OTL. My POD pretty much postdates this flag's existence and I can't see anything in my TrolleyWorld history changing it.

British Protectorate of Russia: Pretty standard British blue ensign flag with the Arms of the old Russian Empire on the right. It's used primarilly for administrative purposes.

Italian Republic: OTL's flag of the "Kingdom of Italy." The torn/missing upper right corner symbolizes "Venezia Persa" (lost Venice), which on TrolleyWorld still belongs to Austria and which Italy still claims.

Imperial Commonwealth of Nations: The British Union Jack with a crown symbolizing the Queen-Empress of the Commonwealth and a linked chain surrounding symbolizing the individual Commonwealth nations joined together for strength.

In creating these, I was wildly helped by the "Flags of The World" website, which is an astoundingly deep resource for current and historical flags.