Canada Confederate States
Confederate States
Czarist America Mexican Empire
Czarist America
Mexican Empire
The Nation New England
The Nation
New England
Owen's Incorperacy Republic of California
Owen's Incorperacy
Republic of California
Republic of Texas United States
Republic of Texas
United States

Flags of the Ten Nations of TrolleyWorld's North America.

Canada: Based on the Canadian Red Ensign, but with the arms replaced with a green version of the Canadian Maple Leaf (which was used in one of the versions of the arms). Canada is a larger and more populous country on TW than OTL, so I suspect that the arms featuring all the different provinces would get unwieldy faster and beg for replacement sooner. OTOH, it retains stronger ties to Great Britain, and thus would be more reluctant to make the complete thematic break from the Union Jack based flag.

Confederate States: Based on the U.S. flag, but with a Southern Cross as the canton - eight stars and eight stripes for the eight Confederate States on TW. Like OTL's "Stars & Bars" it's very similar to the U.S. flag, but since there never was a Civil War on TW, possible confusion never became a matter of life and death, so the design remains.

Czarist America: Based on one of the many minor variations of the Russian-American Company flag (the eagle tended to be mostly in the center, but a few had it at the left), with their eagle replaced with a cleaner, all gold version of the Russian eagle (rather like that on the the current Russian President's flag).

Mexican Empire: Based on the Trigarante flag of 1821, flipped horizontally, with the addition of the Mexican Eagle & Snake arms in the corner.

The Nation: Based on a combination of the Northern Cheyenne, Cherokee, and several other flags. Tried to keep a "Four Directions" theme here. This is the second version of this flag, and I'm much happier with it now.

New England: Based on their flag from the 1770's (which in turn is pretty much the same as their flags going back to the 1600's), but with the addition of six stars in the red field, representing the six "states" of New England on TW. They get annoyed when it's confused with the Canadian flag, but won't change it as they figure they had the basic design first.

Owen's Incorperacy: Only flag here made up, so to speak, out of whole cloth. Started primarily as an agricultural "colony" the flag has a abstracts of a plow as its central icon, the waters of Owen's Lake below, and a green mountain shape with a fairly realistic bristlecone pine on top..

Republic of California: Based on the flag of "Sutter's Republic" (yes, I know that's an anachronism on TW - no Sutter. Tough) as was the Bear Flag (current state flag), this retains the red, white and green colors of the Mexican flag. An orange tree symbolized the place the revolution started (an orchard) and the four stars the four administrative areas of California (Baja California del Sur, Baja California del Norte, Alta California del Sur and Alta California del Norte). Not quite sure what the seven oranges symbolize, but I'm sure it's something deep and meaningful...

Republic of Texas: A version of OTL's Republic of Texas flag with the stripe all horizontal. Actually, this one is used OTL as a "pilot flag" on some Texas ships.

United States: Pretty much the standard U.S. flag, but with just nine states, they went for a diamond arrangement of the stars. In spite of the number of "United States" dropping to nine, they hung onto the thirteen stripes -- much to the amusement of many in some of the other nations (but don't tease U.S. residents about it...).

Along with the "Big Ten", there is also the eleventh and twelfth flags.

First is the flag of Cuba - which is not technically considered part of North America by the rest of the North American nations in TrolleyWorld (don't ask - it's complicated), but which is a member of N.A.T.O.

And then there's that of "N.A.T.O." (North American Trade Organization) itself - with stripes of all (most) the colors of the member flags (green, white, blue, red, yellow and black), a pair of clasped hands symbolizing friendship and a train wheel and anchor symbolizing trade. It isn't technically a national flag, but here it is anyway.

Cuba N.A.T.O. - North American Trade Organization
N.A.T.O. - North American Trade Organization

And if you want to get really ticky, there is also a thirteenth "national" flag for North America - that of Newfoundland. In theory it is independent, it is actually defacto just another province of Canada and hardly any nation treats directly with it as an independent state.


In creating these, I was wildly helped by the "Flags of The World" website, which is an astoundingly deep resource for current and historical flags.