POD 89 Cover

So I'd been doing lots of Pasadena-D maps, and had recently done one on the "Grand Central Airfield" area. As part of researching that, I'd taken some nice pictures of the restored Terminal building. And I needed a cover...

"Combine and form Voltron!."

So what I made is a supposed advertisement for the Grand Central Air Terminal in Glendale on Pasadena-D. And resting on it, a MTA schedule for the Pasadena via Alhambra line, and a luggage tag that holds all the relevant information for this issue of Point of Divergence - date, number, and of course, the name...POD.

It was created by taking my picture of the real Grand Central Air Terminal building and running it through a bunch of filters (both on my phone and on my computer), then adding the titles and the images of the train schedule and luggage tag (which itself is a recreation of a real tag).