POD 88 Cover

Been watching the show Timeless. It's basically a standard (if good) "must protect the past from changes" type of time travel show with a conspiracy wound through it. More importantly - from an AH standpoint - is that they are not 100% successful in keeping all changes out. All ready, they've brought von Braun to America several months early, changed events at the Alamo, and added a several hour black-out to the moon landing of Apollo 11. Even the character's lives have been showing some minor changes.

Anyway, their pilot had the Hindenburg land safely - only so the "bad guys" could blow it up on the return trip with more notables on board. The show itself did an...adequate version of this paper (though as a webpage), but I thought it needed something more period.

So - thought the power of pause - I swiped their text, then ported it into a copy of the New York Times based on then-current styles and done on a nice bit of mangled paper clipart. Finally I took a picture of the Hindenburg that is from a less commonly seen angle, added the New York skyline behind it (since it was supposed to have crashed in the show just outside New York) and made that my headline image.