POD 83 Cover

The idea for this one started with Buzzfeed's “What If Doctor Who' Was American?” article okay, pictures with brief blurbs under them about the “American” Doctors. I got to thinking about it and the discussions here and other places it was brought up and wondered how “Who” on America would last the fifty-plus years on TV it's done on the BBC. I mean, sure, some news shows, sports shows, and the Tonight Show have lasted that long (or longer), but regular “entertainment” shows just don't seem to have the legs, probably because the stop making (more) money after “X” number of seasons. The only thing close to the Doctor is Sesame Street...oh, and The Wonderful World of Disney...

Ah-Ha! Idea!

If there's one media company in America that, once it's created a character/story/show, keeps it coming out for decade after decade, it's Disney. Heck, this is a company that's made sequels to films they made sixty years prior! So if I wanted somebody to put the Doctor on the air in America (as an American show) and keep him on the air from then until eternity...that pretty much means it's going to be Disney's: Doctor Who.

So I mocked up a TV Guide cover from the time all whovian minds (on OTL) were on “who was going to be the twelfth Doctor” (even if technically he's the thirteenth as my TV Guide admits) and asked “who's the thirteenth?” for an American Who, complete with a “Disney's Doctor Who” logo. It looked cool...

...and what should happen in the intervening months since I created this cover? Why, Disney XD has actually started showing Doctor Who (beginning with the Tennant episodes).

Just watching the promos for it gives you an idea of how an American Doctor Who by Disney would have been different from the British one. With Disney, the commercials make it out to be a show with a lot more action - which is saying a lot for a show where everyone already spends half the time running from or to something...;) We're talking Fast and the Furious levels, if you are to believe these thirty-second spots. There's also a great deal less, ummm, “deep thinking” going on, acto them. And any adult themes seem to be glossed over so much they reflect more than the Hubble's mirror.

And that's just the promos. If Disney was actually making the show, rather than just putting on reruns, it's not hard to see that the Doctor would be a more action-adventure type of guy a “Kirk” to the BBC's “Picard,” so to speak. And the whole show at least until recently would have been a lot more “kid-friendly,”: Lighter on the deaths, helium-lighter on any idea of sex, and with complicated moral questions (“Do I have the right?” Tom Baker, Genesis of the Daleks) cranked down to “solvable by the last commercial break” levels.

There'd probably be more (pre-)teenage “companions” as well.