POD 81 Cover

Obviously this is part of the "Great Baltimore Space" timeline.

It's been coming out recently, thanks to Curiosity, that radiation on the surface of Mars is surprisingly high. And while 1969 folk didn't (and wouldn't, even on the GBS timeline) have quite the relaxed attitude to radiation that, say, 1949's or even '59's would, they're still not going to realize this higher level exists.

So on the GBS timeline, fifteen men get exposed to a lot more radiation on their Mars trip than planned. And not unexpectedly, forty-five years later, you're going to have some pretty high cancer rates amongst the thirteen that return.

And thus the cover - yet another in my series of faux-magazines.

A few carefully selected images, some stylish magazine graphics, and there you go. Heck, I didn't even hide that this was for Point of Divergence this time, making the name of the magazine actually be Point of Divergence for once.