POD 77 Cover

Twas the last disty of the year and I felt I should do something...seasonal for, well, the season.

It's been a while since I did a TrolleyWorld cover for POD – and by "a while" I mean since POD 37 – so I took that as a starting point. And given it was TrolleyWorld, there should be trolleys in it somehow. And given it was Christmas, there should be Christmas lights involved (and not those evil white lights either – proper colored ones!).

So I hunted about the web for pictures of trolleys and Christmas lights, really didn't find anything I though worked. Then, I found a poster Disneyland had done to advertise their new trolley at California Adventure. And it was perfect...


Several hours of photopaint later, I'd changed the text, removed balloons, added Christmas lights, and turned an advert for a Disney ride into one for a fine TrolleyWorld tradition of light-covered trolleys parading through Southern California.

Then, because I'd more or less made up a backstory while creating the image...I did the backstory as a newspaper article. You can find it here:
"A Hundred and Fifty Kims of Light!"
A brief history of Los Angeles County's "Parade of Lights"