POD 75 Cover

Like many of these things, I did this more or less at the last minute. Deciding to go with an “all previous covers” motif like I did back for 50, but this time, planing to actually include all the covers, not just the ones I had personally done.

So I started gathering up back issues and scanning them (obviously, not the ones with my own covers on them...I had them already) and discovered that, hey, that's a lot of covers.

Unfortunately, though, I couldn't find my boxes with PODs 1-30 in them. Oh I have them...but they are somewhere in the Garage of Doom, probably behind the fifty-odd comic book boxes and the Christmas and Halloween decorations...maybe under the old Analogs.

Anywho, I put off scanning the last thirty (which because of multi-part disties back then, is obviously way more than thirty covers) for later (this was before I'd really done more than “cursory glance in the garage and not immediate see them.” Not only didn't I find them in time for the cover, but I couldn't find them a few weeks later after some more intensive searching when Dale needed two missing disties to finish his archive disc. Admittedly, “clean out the garage” has been on my list of things to do for a long time, but...) and started playing with arrangements. At which point I realized, I didn't really need those last thirty.

I'd shrunk the images to what seemed to be a good size – small enough to fit a lot of them, but not so small as to be too hard to make out what was on them, otherwise, what was the point – and discovered that they made a nice row of ten at that size. So I made a row of ten, then another, then another. At five rows, it was fairly obvious that – even if I had them – there was no way to fit all of POD's covers on the front without making them much smaller. Then putting the graphics on top would cover up a quarter of them.

So I stopped at five rows – fifty covers (from POD 34 to POD 74) – then made some “piles” of zines below the bottom row to suggest the covers from 1-33 (it's hard to see, but the ones on the tops of the “piles” are ones from before 34), swiped the graphics I did for the POD flyer for the top title, and numbered and dated it. It still seemed to be missing something, so I added the transparent “75” over the top of everything and went “there, that's done.” And so it was...