POD 70 Cover

In POD 69, Dale made the comment to Robert “Oh, another AH bike rider. Wait. Does that mean you're bike riding in an alternate history?” And I went, “Ah Ha! Cover Idea!”
U.S. Bike Logo
Things may have gotten silly from there...

This is a timeline where – for some reason – bicycles continued to be the personal transport vehicle past the 19th century (and past a much more disastrous version of the “Spanish Flu” epidemic). So much so that President Sinclair signed a “bicycle interstate act” in the early 1940s, similar to the OTL's “Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1956.”

The pictures are mostly real (if out of context) pictures of bike routes occasionally modified slightly or captioned to match this TL (even the “Interstate Cycleways” map is real – if mostly vaporware on OTL with some graphical additions by me).

Oh, and Disney, on this TL, apparently went into publishing rather than films (a change made mostly because I have a Disney handwriting font...).

And I just noticed, I made a mistake on the barcode: It should be “POD70 04212012” you know, the date rather than “04212102.” Of course, I'm just noticing this now...