POD 66 Cover

In POD recently, we've been discussing George R.R. Martin's failed TV pilot Doorways lately - mostly because it's come out as a comic book. So, floundering around for a cover idea, I hit upon doing one with a DVD from a world where Doorways didn't get passed over, but instead went on to be a very successful series.

Judging by the DVD box, Doorways lasted seven seasons here - quite a respectable run for TV - and even managed to have a nice series-ending two-hour movie. And, for some reason, having a successful Doorways series altered things so that HD DVD won the "high def" wars, rather than Blu Ray...

...no, I don't know how.

The DVD is a heavily modified Serenity DVD, since I figure one series that should have had a long run shouldn't have trouble loaning stuff to another with the same bad karma. The box itself is pretty much made up of whole cloth - though deep underneath it started with a Day the Earth Stood Still DVD box (the original movie, not the bad remake). Everything else is slightly modified clipart, thrown together to make a nice coffee table effect.

It was actually one of the fastest covers to come together I've done.