POD 60 Cover
For the 60th issue of POD (I've been doing this for fifteen years, isn't that a kick in the head!) I wanted to do something a little fancy. So I picked a bunch of stories that have been run through POD over the years (I'd like to say "at random" - but it was mostly based on "what can I remember with a week left to do this?" as a selection process) and mocked them up as books (which was easy a couple as I'd already made them for previous covers - and even easier for Gerson's, as they are books!).

Taking these, I "3D'd" them and artistically arranged the results on my cover blank. Some fancy lettering for the issue number and whatnot and - TaDah! - cover!

Finally, not willing to let all my hard work on the covers be covered by the "artistic-ness" on the...cover (okay, that's a bit repetitive...), I did a backcover of just the images I used to make the "books."

POD 60 BaCover
My personal favorites are the "Snapshot" and "Sahel Effect" covers - with some fondness for the 60s-style Analog "Mars Looks Different" as well. Ironically, perhaps, I am least happy with how the "TrolleyWorld" cover came out...

IAE I sent them off...then Dale got them printed off on a really nice printer...