POD 52 Cover
Well, I decided to do another Metachronological Geographic cover and I went all island-y...California style!

In theory, this special issue of Metachronological Geographic does a compare & contrast of three different alternate world's Californias. In the "real" world, all three of the "Island California's" in question have been discussed at one point or another in POD.

The top left one (where it's next to Alaska) is, in a weird way, a "future" California (after it's drifted north for another fifty or sixty million years) mapped onto current day. Mind you, had California drifted like that, Alaska (and especially the Aleutians) would look totally different as well...but then no one would recognize it as Alaska, so I cheated. When I was making it, the file got named "Alaskalifornia."


The middle-right one is of course from my "Isle of California" timeline.

Isle of California

The bottom left is a "tropical" Californian island, where it's drifted out and down within a few hundred miles of Hawaii. It's the least "California" looking of the three...but I figured during the course of the move, it would "break up" and leave bits in its wake, so to speak. Besides, I didn't want another "the strip of California to the west of the San Andreas fault" map on the cover, it would look too boring. Because of that "break up", a detail not really visible on the cover is that it was called "The Californias" - though its file ended up being called "Tropicalifornia."


It's hard to see on the actual cover (and basically impossible when it's this size!), but there's a lot of little fiddly details just for fun.

Like previous covers, the barcode actually does read the issue information – in this case "POD 52 200807." There's also a "Verse 218 Edition" as a nod to Charlie Jade's terminology. There's a bunch of cities named on all three islands, but one city on each is named (as you move down) "Point," "Of," and "Divergence."