POD 44 Cover
I produced this cover for POD 44 inspired by the fact that I had the Route 66 picture (from my last trip out that way in 2005), I'd been watching Cars a few dozen times, and I was still in a "faux-magazine cover" mood from doing the Metachronological Geographics.

The POD is that the Eisenhower Interstate System doesn't - for whatever reason - come into being (probably due to a much earlier POD than it's 50's inception...maybe even earlier than the 30's planning stages), leaving only the basic National Highway System - minus the Eisenhower Interstate System - as the U.S.'s main road network. As such, Route 66 doesn't get bypassed by Interstate 10 (and 15 and 40 and 44 and 55 and 215) and remains one of the main east/west highways.

This in no way means no freeways - and even much of this ATL's 66 is "upgraded" to what we'd consider an interstate level, but as the "Newsweek" legend has it, it's apparent that the Washington of this ATL doesn't put nearly as much effort into roads as it does on OTL - and that's got the Newsweek editorial staff in a tizzy, apparently.

In fact, it apparently doesn't do much with transport at all, judging by the fact that air travel is still an iffy proposition and that the railroads are still the big names in transport.

Some details on the cover:

The picture was taken in Arizona, about fifty miles or so east of Seligman. This is probably some of the best preserved (and certainly the longest continuous stretch of) Route 66. You can, at points, see up to two even older alignments of the road running alongside the current one. I recommend the drive - best taken with the Cars soundtrack on...;)

Once again, I've "hidden" the actual POD information in faux magazine cover - though "Section One: Threat or Menace?" would be more useful had this disty had a section two...

The barcode in the corner actually spells out "POD 44 2006" if you wand it (or even see it at this resolution). The things you can do with fonts...