POD 43 Section One Cover
Section One Cover – Da, da, da, daaa, da, da, da, do, de, do, da, da, *bum* *bum*...

The section one cover was meant for POD 42, but when it got bumped to 43, I though "hey, I've got lots of time now, let's see if I can actually come up with a cover for section two as well.

Again, just having fun, this time inspired by a bit Anthony Docimo did in 41. I'd already done the yellow-box logo for my comment to him on it in POD 42, so this was more just expanding upon that than having to come up with something totally new.

Then, POD 43 didn't come out for...well, for a really long time. And when it did, it was only one section. The section one cover was then dropped and this one was reworked as the section one (now the only section) cover.

Who knows when the original section one cover will come out.

Anywho, the main image is from the "Man Conquers Space" film attempt and - ghods! - I wish they could have finished their movie. I'd buy a copy, I would...

Browny points for those who figure out where the dating system for this magazine came from - and more for those who figure out where all the "articles" originated.