POD 39 Section One Cover
Section One Cover – When Library's purchase from other realities...

I decided at the last moment before POD 39 to bang together a cover. However, I hadn't actually thought about what to do...

...but I had done all these "book ends" for our Halloween decorations here at the library back in 2002. For that, they had just been printed off flat, then "pasted" to the ends of real books to give them new titles.

For this, I had to make the images look more "3D" (shading, light reflections, scratches and fold lines - most of which, unfortunately, doesn't show up at this resolution) then arranged them on a Photopainted bookshelf. Then I added a few details & the titles and, tada!, instant cover.

For those who can't read them (which I suspect is most of you...), the books are (from left to right):

"So you want to Strangle a Patron?" - How to hide bodies in the stacks in 3 easy lessons

Great Overdue Fines Through History

Gorgeous Librarians Through Time

Roast Patrons: 50 ways to reduce Librarian food costs 75% or more!

Your Friend, Overdue Fines

Papercut: Late Books, Late Patrons

Tough Love for Vampires: Avoiding the "Rice Effect"

Conan the Librarian

"With the Rich, Creamy Taste of Pig" - The Piggy-Pushup Story

The Librarian, by J. Bond

Buggy Whips for Dummies

When Patrons Attack!: Defense against the Common Library Patron

Down to the Sea in Trains (which, of course, is from my "Isle of California" timeline)

There, more than you ever wanted to know about this cover.