POD 37 Section Two Cover map detail
Section Two Cover – TrolleyWorld Southern California Rail Map

After having been inspired for section one, I was kinda stumped for a section two idea. Then I remembered I had this map of the rail lines of TrolleyWorld's L.A. area that I'd worked on for a long time, but never really finished.

So I finished it.

It's done in a "schematic" format - highly stylized with lots of straight lines. The kind of map favored by transit authorities the world over - and apparently the alternate-worlds over too.

City/town names are a mix of real names, guesses at what names TrolleyWorld might create, and the occasional pun and/or tribute. On the cover, of course, it's turned 90 degrees to the left to fit the page better with an added legend to it's right - but you can't see any details (at least, at a reasonable size) if I left it like that, so above is just the map graphic from the cover. Below is a small copy of what the finished cover actually looked like.

POD 37 Section Two Cover