POD 35 Section Two Cover
Section Two Cover – Luso-Brasilian Empire

Gerson and I were talking about a POD where the Portuguese royals remained in Brazil (because Napolean remained in power or whatever). Gerson said that “On the other hand, who needs independence when our country had changed from colony to the seat of a larger empire?” Closeup of Cover

So I mapped such...

Brazil is expanding north, south and west, with options on even further south. Gran Columbia remains a single nation. Chile and La Plata remain under Franco-Spanish control, while Britain's added a Patagonian colony to go with its colony in Guyana.

The closeup to the right is of the box in the lower right corner of the original map. It shows you the nations of this ATL's 1818 South America.

Actually, what you see here is slightly different from what actually appeared on the cover. Gerson was kind enough to translate some of the names/legends into Portuguese (the logical language for this map to be in, given the POD) and I - after a month or two of fiddling around, playing Civ III - put in the translations. Of course, at this size/resolution you can't actually see those changes (other than on a couple of the larger ones - and all those on the "closeup" map to the right), but trust me, on the original 5.5 mb Photopaint file, they're there...