POD 34 Section One Cover
Section One Cover – The burning of Paris – 29 November, 1901

In Luke's "Ut Veniant Omnes" timeline, the 20th century rolls around with Britain and Germany as allies invading France. The French put up a spirited defense, but unlike OTL's WWI, Paris does fall.
"Sir Ian Hamilton, Sir Curzon Drury-Lowe, Sir Badden-Powell, and Lutenant Luddendorff enter a destroyed shell of the city that they all once knew so happily. The Tour Eiffel is gone from the landscape, its wireless telegraphy station denied to the victors, the Figaro printing press wiped out. The bridges, including the Pont Neuf build by Louis XIV, are blow up, and the Ile-de-la-Cite proves to be the last bastion of French resistance. San Chapelle, Notre Dame, the musÚs, the Lovre, the Tuileries, Mt. Saint Cloud, not even Per la Chez is spared. All were dynamited in the last days; even the railways and sewers are gone. Monet is found dead in his garden, a victim of suicide."

The picture shows one of the German Zepplins (slightly anachronistic, as it's a WWI "High Flyer" type from a good fifteen years later than the picture's date!) flying over the smoking ruins of the Eiffel Tower, well on its way to being "gone from the landscape."