POD 32 Section Two Cover
Section Two Cover – Satellite Photo of "Modern" Los Angeles Harbor, with crater info

This is a satellite image of the "Bay of Los Angeles" - done by taking a real image and Photopainting the heck out of it. In the lower right corner there's a "description" of the bay from a list of impact craters - or at least, a list on this ATL!

Note some details - much of the bay is quite shallow (except for the ship channel to the north of the island). Note also that all the harbor facilities down in Long Beach/San Pedro are not there on this world. With a nice natural harbor like this, L.A. didn't have to build a man-made one in San Pedro Bay.

Given the impact date, some anthropologists have taken to blaming the after-effects of this quite large bang for the extinction of the Neandertals and their replacement by modern humans - so arguments on this ATL about "what happened to the Neandertals" are even more exciting than here! <g>

Of course, an impact like this really would have been a huge event in the history of the world, so I'm really handwaving like crazy to avoid explaining how the past 40k years came out close enough to OTL that there's still a city called Los Angeles on this ATL.

But it wouldn't be nearly as fun if I didn't. And since I suspect that the actual effect of an impact like this would be to extend (or at least, intensify) the then current ice age, cause multiple extinctions (possibly including man!), and generally muck up history so much that there's no real way to predict what "now" would look like there (except that it would be nothing like our "now"), this kinda handwaved scenario is really the only one you can do that doesn't just peter off into vagueries...

It's hard to see at this scale, but there's also a small-boat basin at the end of that narrow inlet near the southern entrance to the bay.