POD 32 Section One Cover
Section One Cover – Map of "Los Angeles Harbor" – 1900

This is (these are) the map(s) that started me thinking about this geographic POD. Took a little fiddling with them in Photopaint to get what I wanted. It actually only shows the northeastern section of the bay - since that's all the farther the original maps stretched.

Note the small (compared to what'll be in the next cover!) dock/harbor facilities just above the big estuary of the Los Angeles river.

On OTL, the seafloor drops off too quickly for the L.A. River to have formed this kinda thing. Here, it empties into a vast shallow area, so mudflats & meanders are a given. In fact, most of the crater is now quite shallow, thanks to 40k years of sediment from the L.A. and other rivers and streams dumping into it. Given another few 10k years - and no interference from harbor authorities - and it'll probably be mostly filled back in.

At the "time" of this map, most geologists would have considered the bay a volcanic formation - if they considered it as something special at all. It wouldn't be until the 50's or early 60's when it would be proved to be an impact crater (remember, Lunar craters were considered "volcanic" that long!)...and don't 'cha bet that created a whole flock of SF stories with massive meteor impacts as their main plot point!

I like how the "post-it note" came out...<g>