POD 27 Section One Cover

1) 08:00 - The LNA 20 Catalina leaves Lincoln Field, England, heading east.

2) 10:35 - Captain Hazelton orders the airship north and launches the LNA 20's Scout Wing (four Lowe/Wright Seagulls) on a routine patrol. It returns at 12:07, unaware that it has been spotted by a German scout.

3) 15:28 - The upper envelope spotter sights the approaching German planes (see "D"). Hazelton quickly launches his Attack Wing (six Lowe/Wright Seahawks) to defend the airship. Surprisingly, the carrier suffers no damage in the ensuing dogfight.

4) Hazelton orders the airship east as his attack craft are refueled and rearmed. At 17:39 the Attack Wing drops from the airship and heads to intercept the SZ 73. Thirty minutes later they come upon the German airship and commence their attack. The SZ 73's craft drive off the Americans (downing four of them), but not before the airship is damaged, losing one engine and developing a gas leak from the number two and five cells.

5) 19:42 - Still in the process of refitting her remaining two attack craft, the LNA 20 runs right into the SZ 73's "defensive fence" (see "E") and takes heavy damage before disengaging by heading north.

6) Losing gas at an alarming rate, the Captain attempts to make the Norwegian shore, but the airship crashes over two-hundred kilometers off the coast with a loss of twenty-seven airshipmen, including Hazelton himself.

A) 06:17 - SZ 73 leaves Hindenburg Field.

B)10:37 - SZ 73 launches scouts (three HK 17s). Lieutenant Maybach in Scout Three heads due west. At 11:21 he spots the American scout wing as it is turning to return to the LNA 20 (see "2").

C) 12:21 - Maybach returns to the SZ 73. Captain Nielsen orders the airship west to intercept.

D) 15:09 - Nielsen launches his attack wing, four of the HK 17s. Less than twenty minutes later the wing finds the LNA 20. As the move to attack, they are intercepted by the LNA 20's Attack Wing (see "3"). A vicious dogfight ensues less than two miles from the airship that does not end for over half an hour until low fuel forces the retreat of both wings to their respective carriers. Two American and one German aircraft go down (all three pilots are later picked up by the RN Sprite).

E) Following the attack by the Americans (see "4"), Nielsen orders his damaged airship to return to base, nearly four-hundred kilometers away. At 19:06, he again launches his Attack Wing, ordering it to form a "defensive fence" between the limping SZ 73 and the Americans (see "5").

F) 03:24 - Just barely clearing the waves due to gas loss, the crippled SZ 73 crashes on the German shore. Surprisingly, only three men are injured in the slow-motion crash.