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bulletMy Blog - "Hold It, Evil Thought..."

Blogs I read
bulletA. Lee Martinez — Author of Divine Misforutne, Monster & more!
bulletAlternate History Weekly Update
bulletAngry Astronomer
bulletBad Astronomy Blog
bulletDale Cozort
bulletDan D. Sparks
bulletDoubtful -- by Sharon Hill | Exposing sham inquiry and "sciencey" sounding claims
bulletExposing PseudoAstronomy
bulletFAIL Blog — Fail and Epic Fail Pictures and Videos: Failblog.ORG
bulletio9. Strung out on science fiction.
bulletModern Mechanix
bulletNot Always Right | Funny & Stupid Customer Quotes
bulletPaleo-Future Blog
bulletRed Wine & Apple Sauce
bulletRosa Rubicondior — A Skeptical Comic and Blog
bulletShorpy Historical Photo Archive | Vintage Fine Art Prints
bulletSkeptoid: Critical Analysis Podcast
bulletStupid Evil Bastard: Sacred cows make the tastiest hamburger.
bulletThe Amateur Space Expert
bulletThe Awesomer
bulletThe Nerdist
bulletThe Steampunk Workshop | Serving the Backyard Industrialist since aught-six.
bulletVery Demotivational Posters That Demotivate Us
bulletWhat Would JT Do? — Fighting Religion Tooth & Claw
bulletWhy Evolution Is True
bulletx planes

Selected Alternate History Links
bulletPoint of Divergence - The APA of Alternate History
bulletAlternate History Weekly Update
bulletAlison Morton's Roma Nova
bulletAlt Hist: Historical Fiction and Alternate History
bulletBronze Age New World
bulletSo, You Want to Write a Timeline
bulletThe Alternate History Works of Mike Ralls
bulletPhil Masters' Steampunk Links Page
bulletHypothetical Planets
bulletSteven Silver's Review Page
bulletUchronia: The Alternate History List
bulletHistory of Altscript
bulletDale Cozort's Alternate History Page
bulletIan Montgomerie's
bulletAlternate Headlines
bulletEvelyn C. Leeper's Home Page
bulletForgotten Futures
bulletClopton's Short History of the CSA
bulletMatthew White's Homepage
bulletKim Newman & Eugene Byrne Alternate History Pages Forum
bulletPolish Zioty's Alternate History Page
bulletIglou's Alternate History Page
bulletAdmiral U. Furashita's Fleet
bulletB-49 Alternate History
bulletBalkanized North America
bulletHarry Turtledove Website
bulletLewis' eclectic pages
bulletSänger Amerika Bomber Luft '46 entry
bulletAndy's Anachronisms
bulletRome Across the Rhine - The Official S.M. Stirling Webpage
bulletBo Johansson's Island in the Sea of Time Maps
bulletFor All Nails: A continuation (and clarification) of the For Want of a Nail timeline
bulletYōkoso Dai Nippon Teikoku He ! - Welcome to the Great Japanese Empire!
bulletA Different Path: A Magazine Dedicated to Exploring Alternative History
bulletStella Polaris
bulletThe Cultures of Ill Bethisad
bulletSpeculative Dinosaur Project
bulletRex Mundi
bulletToday in Alternate History
bulletAnthony Mayer ; alternative history
bulletGiampietro Stocco's Uchronicles
bulletChanging The Times
bulletDecades of Darkness

Alternate History Newsgroups

Real History Links
bulletProfessor Thaddeus Lowe
bulletFlags of the World
bulletEcho Mountain Echos
bulletOrange Empire Railway Museum
bulletVinland Map
bulletMesoamerican Archaeology
bulletThe History Channel
bulletHistorical United States Census Data
bulletProject Pluto
bulletCalifornia's Gold
bulletAmerican Heritage
bulletA Tale of Two Countries
bulletThe Opening of the El Tovar Hotel
bulletAirships: The Zeppelin history and photo website
bulletRare Map Collection
bulletCalifornia Volcanos and Volcanic Areas
bulletElectric Railway Historical Association of Southern California
bulletThe Arts and Crafts Society
bulletDeep Cold
bulletMonterey County Historical Society - Local History
bulletIronclads and Blockade Runners
bulletSalton Sea Historical Chronology
bulletTulare Lake
bulletThe Life and Letters of John Muir
bulletAn Eclectic List of Events in U.S. Labor History
bulletThe Myths of Pearl Harbor.
bulletRoman Traction Systems
bulletGermany's High Sea Fleet in the World War
bulletA 1935 US Plan for Invasion of Canada
bulletLocal California History
bulletLost State of Franklin
bulletAmerica: From Revolution to Reconstruction
bulletThe Homepafe of E.G. Ban
bulletThe Maritime History Virtual Archives
bulletThe Victorian Internet
bulletIn the Hall of Ma'at
bulletPeriodical Historical Atlas of Europe
bulletFlavin's Corner
bulletWally's Page of All Sorts of Stuff
bulletEmperors of Ethiopia
bulletInternet African History Sourcebook
bulletDoug's Archaeology Site: Skeptical views of fringe archaeology
bulletSimon James's Ancient Celts Page
bulletA Collection of Essays by Dr. Richard Pankhurst
bulletThe History Department, United States Military Academy

Science & Technology Links
bulletThe Planetary Society
bulletUSNO Master Clock Time
bulletBad Astronomy Blog
bulletNatural History Museum of Los Angeles
bulletHeavens Above - Satellite Visibility Home Page
bulletStig's Sky Calendar
bulletDinosauria On-Line
bulletThe Junk Science Home Page
bulletAstronomy Picture of the Day - Truth About Computer Virus Myths and Hoaxes
bulletCalender Homepage
bulletAerospace Projects Review
bulletNew Mexico Museum of Natural History
bulletThe Sceptic's Dictionary
bulletThe Jet-Propelled Paddle Steamer Lucy Ashton

Train Links
bulletTrolley and Interurban Transit Webring
bulletCyberspace World Railroad Home Page
bulletOrange Empire Railway Museum
bulletEcho Mountain Echos
bulletYosemite Valley Railroad
bulletThe Monorail Society
bulletThe Skunk Train
bulletThe Grand Canyon Railway
bulletThe Scenic Mt. Lowe Railway Historical Committee
bulletThe Mount Lowe Preservation Society
bulletEast Penn Traction Club - Arthur Duncan Trolley Plans
bulletEast Penn Traction Club - Paul Moore Trolley Plans
bulletA Home Page for McCloud Railway
bulletA Warm Welcome to Trolleyville!
bulletCN Rail
bulletAstoria old riverfront trolley
bulletFullerton Railroad Days
bulletGreat Northern Railway Historical Society
bulletHistoric Railroad
bulletLight Rail Atlas
bulletMt. Hood Railroad
bulletNorth American Vintage Trolley Systems
bulletOregon Electric Railway Museum
bulletPasadena Gold Line
bulletPort of LA Waterfront Red Car Line
bulletRailroad Maps Collection
bulletRoaring Camp & Big Trees Railroad
bulletSeashore Trolley Museum
bulletThe Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad
bulletThe Railfan Network
bulletThe Royal Hudson Steam Train
bulletThe Yosemite Valley Railroad
bulletTrain Shack's Home Page - Home of Trains Magazine Online
bulletTucson's Old Pueblo Trolley
bulletYreka Western Railroad - Blue Goose Excursion Train
bulletWhite Pass & Yukon Route Scenic Railway of the World located in
bulletWillamette Shore Trolley
bulletYakima Valley Rail and Steam Museum Home Page
bulletAndy's Pacific Electric, BNSF, SDERy, and LARy page
bulletThe New Pacific Electric Railway
bulletCalifornia High-Speed Rail Authority
bulletVirginia and Truckee Railroad - Rebuilding the Legend

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