Pasadena - Specialty Maps

Below are four specialized maps of Pasadena-D.

Pasadena Simplified
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Pasadena - simplified style

Done in the style beloved by the back of telephone books and vacation pamphlets, showing the highlights of the city, and almost useful for navigation...but only to those highlights.

Pasadena and surrounding towns
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Pasadena-D - and surrounding cities

This is a general map of Pasadena with the borders and surrounding towns highlighted. Areas that are light tan are unincorporated L.A. County.

Pasadena Neighborhoods
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Pasadena-D - Local Neighborhoods

This shows the "neighborhoods" that make up Pasadena-D

Northern Pasadena
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Northern Pasadena

There locally considered everything north of New York Dr, on the Pasadena-D timeline the area that here makes up the town of Altadena remained part of Pasadena proper as it expanded. This map shows a closeup of that area.

Note that the Mt. Lowe Railway is under restoration (though since this is being done by volunteers, said restoration has been going on for almost a decade now and they have quite some time to go. They plan on operating trains on the lower - Lake to bottom of the Incline - section Summer 2017 however).

The area - like much of the timeline's Southern California - is more sparsely populated than on OTL, with fewer streets and larger individual properties. Note also that La Canada to the west remains mostly farmland.

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