An APA for Point of Divergence
I'm currently a member of "Point of Divergence," an APA (Amateur Press Association) about Alternate History. Since 1995, four or five times a year all the members submit a "zine," responding to the previous issue's content, putting forth alternate history ideas, submitting stories, and generally talking our little hearts out about Alternate History.

Writing Hold It, Evil Thought for POD is rather fun.

Anywho, I also post my zine on this website as well – now in pdf format as I got bored with converting it to html. Partially it is so that members of the APA – if they lose a page (or it xeroxs badly, or gets mangled in the mail or the cat eats it) can come here and check on what I've written. Also, it'll also be easier for them to do comments – all they have to do is copy text from here if they want to quote me...assuming, of course, I get them up before the next disty is due.

And I can have actual working links, rather than just quoting the URL...

It is also so that non-POD members can see what I'm doing every couple of months. Oh, it's going to be a little confusing, I'll give you that. Since much of my zine is comments on what other people have said, context can get somewhat...lost...and parts like continuing stories are redacted. But it should be interesting none-the-less. Heck, if you get too frustrated, maybe you'll be inspired to join POINT OF DIVERGENCE just to find out what everyone else has been saying. And when you do, say "Hi" to Dale Cozort for me.

I keep my zines for the last six issues here – about fifteen to eighteen months worth, at our current release rate. It's just six, so that the amount of disk space they use up doesn't gets too ridiculous. If you really feel the need, email me and I'll send you any older issues - but remember, any before #42 from back in 2006 in will be in Word Perfect format – yeah, I've been writing them that long – so just how well I can pdf 'em is up for grabs.

Point of Divergence: An Alternate History APA

"Hold It, Evil Thought" – the last six issues
Number 88 – Dec/Jan 2016/2017 Number 89 – Mar/Apr 2017 Number 90 – Aug 2017
Number 91 – Oct/Nov 2017 Number 92 – Jan 2018 Number 93 – Mar 2018
Fifteen Years of POD in Sixty Issues and Sixty Random Quotes

Now, since I also do covers and other graphics for POD – but don't want to see them vanish when I "retire" an older issue here, they've now got their own page:
Covers for POD

“You’re offering to change history?” he said. “Is that it? Rewrite the...”

“Oh, my dear Vimes, history changes all the time. It is constantly being reexamined and reevaluated, otherwise how would we be able to keep historians occupied? We can’t possibly allow people with their sort of minds to walk around with time on their hands.”

from Jingo, by Terry Pratchett