Over the years, I've done some covers for Point of Divergence, the Alternate History APA I'm in. I've also done some graphics/etc. that are actually within my zine. But, since I only keep six issues worth of those online, some of them are now "falling off the back" of the queue, and since I think they're too cool to just vanish from my website, here they are...along with some brief explanations of their AH-ness:
Cover for POD22, Section One Cover for POD22, Section Two Cover for POD23, Section One
Covers for POD 22: David Freitag made an offhanded joke about Trotsky immigrating from Russia and ending up doing movies in America - and of course, he had to do these with the Marx Brothers. So, strange person that I am, I took it and ran with it, ending up with an "Obituary Notice" for his death, and the movie poster for an AH Cocoanuts that also had him in it.

Of course, as Craig Neumeier pointed out, it's unlikely Trotsky would be going by his pseudonym "Trotsky" - which he picked for his political work after the supposed POD here. But if I called him anything else, it wouldn't be as funny (or identifiable, for that matter). "Bronstein and the Marx Bros." just doesn't have the same amusement level as "Trotsky and the Marx Bros."
Graphics for POD 23: I was working on some covers for 23 that, due to one thing or another, didn't end up being used till 24 (see below). As part of that, I did some graphics for their creation that I scattered through my zine.

Basically, this is set in "TrolleyWorld" and covers their first flight (via dirigble) to the North Pole, in 1922. When you look at the covers for 24, you'll see where these images got used.

Cover for POD24, Section OneCover for POD24, Section Two Cover for POD25, Section One
Covers for POD 24: These are the covers that were created from the graphics shown for 23, above. Used Bryce 3D to create them. I rather like the "desktop" for section one, the "picture on the wall" for section two not so much. Cover for POD 25: Another TrolleyWorld set cover, this one at an airship field. Got kinda creative, and stuck all the "issue information" on the newspaper sitting in the rack. Ian Moore commented that "This looks really trippy with 3D glasses" - and by gum, it does!

Cover for POD27, Section One Graphics for POD20
Cover for POD 27: This one is this is set in my Lowe Airship TL. I'm assuming here WWI carrier-airships, whose primary mission is Naval scouting. This depicts the first battle between "carriers" in which the main ships never see each other - something that had to wait for WWII on OTL!

The text portion has been reformated and slightly rewritten from what appeared on the cover - but I don't suppose that'll be a problem...
Graphics for POD 20: There was an "Editor's Divergence" assignment for POD 20 on the affects of Lenin not returning to Russia. Not having enough knowlege of the period to make any sort of reasonable guess at the results of this from any sort of broad aspect, I narrowed my sights, and did the following for my zine.

Cover for POD29, Section One Cover for POD30, Section OneCover for POD30, Section Two
Cover for POD 29:

This was just me having fun. It's a postcard supposedly commerating the 100th anniversary of the "Cross-Channel Bridge," connecting England and France. It was kinda inspired by an image I saw in League of Extraordinary Gentleman. Kinda...
Covers for POD 30:

There was an "Editor's Assignment" for POD 30 - "Four People Who Never Were" - basically, doing something on four people who "never were" (died early or just aren't really heard of counted).

'Course, I could only come up with three of them - so made them covers for the three sections of POD instead.

This one covers the life of "William Sage," who OTL died on the Titanic but who survived here an ended up beating Lindberg to the crossing of the Atlantic.

The Section two cover has Joseph P. Widney actually getting his proposal to divert the Colorado into the Salton Sink through Congress.

Cover for POD30, Section ThreeBackcover for POD30, Section Three Cover for POD32, Section OneCover for POD32, Section Two
Covers for POD 30:

Meanwhile, Section three's has Florence Hutchings not get killed by a rock fall at seventeen and go on to lead a campaign that preserves Tulare Lake in California.

I did a "plaque" memorializing Flo that ended up in one of the pictures for Cover three, but at that size it wasn't readable, so I did a backcover for Section three where it was.
Covers for POD 32:

So, there I was looking for maps to use for a project (the "Lake Cahuilla" timeline), when I came across these two topo maps of L.A. from 1900 (actually, 1900 on the left, 1902 on the right) - which I then promptly stuck together into one map...

...and looking at it, realized that the curve of the Hollywood Hills made for a nice outline of an impact crater.

So I sank Los Angeles...

Cover for POD32, Section Three Cover for POD34, Section One Cover for POD34, Section Two
Covers for POD 32:

For Section Three I decided to show the "geological" history of the Bay of Los Angeles, covering it from the Ice Age impact to the modern day. Hopefully, this explains the POD of this divergence!
Covers for POD 34:

These are covers I did with Luke Schleusener based on his "Ut Veniant Omnes" timeline. They were originally meant for POD 33, but they ended up being used for 34 instead (and a third cover ended up being unneeded and pushed up to POD 35!).

Cover for POD35, Section One Cover for POD35, Section Two Cover for POD37, Section One Cover for POD37, Section Two
Covers for POD 35:

The cover for section one was supposed to be the third section one for POD 34 - but then POD 34 had only two sections. So I redid it a bit, then got together with Gerson Lodi-Ribeiro and banged out the cover for section two.
Covers for POD 37:

I got inspired with the idea for section one - then added a rail map for TrolleyWorld I'd been working on for section two.

Cover for POD39, Section One Cover for POD43, Section Two  
Cover for POD 39:

Yep, I only did one this time - and at the last moment too. What we have here are books from some pretty strange realities...
Cover for POD 43:

Originally meant to be Section Two for POD 42, it was inspired by Anthony Docimo. Of course, Section Two is now Section One of an entirely different zine...and Section One hasn't been used yet, but...

BaCover for my POD43 Zine Cover for POD44  
BaCover for my POD43 Zine:

In spite of POD 43 ending up needing only one cover, I did a third that was the back page of my zine
Cover for POD44

The Revival POD!

Cover for POD47, Section One   Cover for POD49, Section One  
Cover for POD47:

Section One was inspired by a comment Robert Alley made to Dale Cozort in POD 41. I was reading along through Robert's zine and that part of it just called to me...;)
Cover for POD49:

A strange one that had it's origins in an off-hand comment I made about the island in Swiss Family Robinson...

Cover for POD50   Cover for POD52  
Cover for POD50:

Point of Divergence Celebrates Fifty Issues!
Cover for POD52:

California gets all island-y!

Cover for POD53   Cover for POD54  
Cover for POD53:

(cross) Time Magazine
Cover for POD54:

What's on the Workbench

Cover for POD56   Cover for POD60 BaCover for POD60
Cover for POD56:

The workbench is gone...but we still have a TV-Tray!
Cover for POD60:

Fifteen years of AH - Coming and Going!

Cover for POD64   Cover for POD66  
Cover for POD64:

Another collection of pictures from alternate worlds.
Cover for POD66:

"Doorways" actually becomes a series.

Cover for POD69   Cover for POD70  
Cover for POD69:

Lunch in Furusato on Pasadena-D.
Cover for POD70:

The Bicycle Interstate System.

Cover for POD72   Cover for POD75  
Cover for POD72:

“Doc Savage” from Pasadena-D.
Cover for POD75:

POD's Fiftieth Anniversary!

Cover for POD77   Cover for POD79  
Cover for POD77:

“Christmas in TrolleyWorld”
Cover for POD79:

“Into Orbit” from “The Great Baltimore Space Timeline”

Cover for POD81   Cover for POD83  
Cover for POD81:

“The Costs: The Great Baltimore Space Timeline”
Cover for POD83:

“Who's Next?: The American Doctor Who”

Cover for POD85   Cover for POD86  
Cover for POD85:

“Galveston: Gateway of Realities”
Cover for POD86:

“Points of Departure: The Magazine of Railroading”

Cover for POD88   Cover for POD89  
Cover for POD88:

“Hindenburg Bombed!”
Cover for POD89:

“Fly Grand Central Air Terminal!”

Cover for POD90 Cover for POD92  
Cover for POD90:

“POD Bound!”
Cover for POD92:

“Artifacts from Pasadena-D”

Cover for POD94   Cover for POD96  
Cover for POD94:

“The Great Altadena Disaster!”
Cover for POD96: