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Down to the Sea in Trains : California, the Depression, the WPA, and the Trans-Sea Railway
by William Silverstone
Down to the Sea in Trains   Our Price: $18.95

  Hardcover (February 1991)
  Inner-Coast Pub; ISBN: 0405-213751-6
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1934, the height of the Great Depression, and the Works Projects Administration begins construction of what has been called both the greatest feat of railroad engineering in the world, and the biggest railroading folly ever: The "Trans-Sea Railway and California Harbor Project," a vast engineering project that was to supposed to build the greatest harbor on the west coast on the Isle of California -- and build a railroad link across the California Sea to connect it to the mainland.

William Silverstone follows the project from its earliest conception in 1912, to its funding in 1934, the construction years of 1934 to 1942, and the years following its completion -- with special emphasis on the late 1950's, when it looked like "The Greatest Railroad in the World" would end up as two crumbling piers and a set of seagull splattered pillars -- and its eventual comeback in the 1970's.

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