This is another one of those AH books that have been coming out recently where you get twenty, thirty quick PODs of varying quality all within a single theme. The theme here is, obviously, America and the book has scenarios covering from the French & Indian wars right up to Clinton's impeachment.

Almost America Some of the PODs are quite interesting, others pretty boring (the Babe Ruth one comes to mind. Of course, I'm not a baseball fan...), but they're all really short. Tally doesn't spend more than fifteen-odd pages on any POD and half of that is telling you what did happen. In most cases, he doesn't deal with effects more than a few years down the road from his POD either, and those effects are often minor.

(This book is similar in that fashion to "The Hinge Factor")

Still, there are a few good scenarios in here. The one where Sinclair Lewis's failure to get "The Jungle" published leads to the failure of "McDonalds" in the mid-60's was a nice one (though like most of these, it suffers from the "single-thing changes" problem of so much AH - a lack of a FDA would have lots more effects by 1965 than he describes). The "IBM doesn't buy DOS from Gates" was another and there are a few more.

Most annoying chapter was probably the "What if the Constitution wasn't accepted" one where basically he has the U.S. die of states rights - much like the C.S.A. did in OTL - when it is invaded by "a country to the north" (why he couldn't just say "Canada" here, I haven't a clue).

Well, I can kinda accept that. This is at least as probably an outcome as many others - though it requires a rather militaristic Canada, which probably requires another POD

But the events in it were done exactly like the Civil War, with just the words "C.S.A." and "The South" whited-out and "U.S." and "America" penciled in.

That's cut & paste, not a proper scenario.

So, on the ever popular scale of 1-10, I give the book a 5.