Day Eight, Friday – Las Vegas to Home:

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New York, New YorkThe Route of the Last Day Morning, and I'm finally going ride the "Manhattan Express" – a big rollercoaster that loops around and through New York, New York. Dee Dee – not known for her thrill-ride proclivities – is off at Herbst's, supposedly gambling with her family...

...hmmm, that didn't sound right...

...anywho, it's a short, but slow drive to the New York, New York, but at least parking was fairly easy and as we had checked out the hotel the night before – and found the arcade area – it only took a few minutes to get to the line for the coaster.

Mind, the line was – even at ten in the morning – twenty minutes long.

The Manhattan Express The Express proved to be a fun ride – if a tad expensive ($12). My only real complaint about it is that they wouldn't let me wear my glasses. Now, admittedly at sixty miles per hour in a vertical drop, everything's pretty much a blur anyway, still I don't want to start from a blurred state.

Afterwards the ride I headed back to pickup Dee Dee. As it turned out, she never did get a chance to do any gambling at Herbst's, so I took her back to New York, New York on the grounds that – being a big hotel – the smoke was a lot thinner there, and that while she gambled, I could play in the arcade.

Well, Dee Dee ran though her gambling funds, I ran through my arcade tokens, and soon we were piling in the car to begin the long trip home.

Getting gas and then getting out of town took a while because – due to construction (there's always construction in Vegas) – it was slow and tricky to get to the gas station and then get onto the freeway. The fact that I picked a direction to drive where there wasn't an onramp for five miles didn't help either. Still, soon we were back on the 15, cranking dust-bunnies for home.

It proved to be a smooth ride home. Unlike our last Vegas trip, where we came home at the end of the weekend – along with everybody else – traffic for us was pretty light and moving pretty fast. Even through Barstow – a notorious traffic jam spot on the road to/from Vegas – we tooled through nice and fast. Mind you, traffic heading towards Vegas for the weekend was pretty heavy – and getting heavier the closer to L.A. and later in the day it got.

As the 15 curved south and reached the fringes of Victorville, we began seeing something we hadn't seen in a week.


As the clouds that (we would soon discover) covered the L.A. Basin climbed the Cajon Pass, they poured out into the dry Mojave as fog that spilled to both sides of the pass and out over Victorville. Oh, it wasn't very thick (and we've seen much thicker), but it was the first fog we'd seen since we left home and the change in humidity was immediately noticeable to us.

The climb up the pass and down into the Basin was – in spite of the fog – smooth and fast. Traffic remained fairly light southbound – though it seemed heavy after a week of "fairly light" being two pickups and a cow – even if northbound (towards Vegas) just kept getting heavier and heavier.

We pulled off in Cucamonga and went to have a quick dinner at the Ontario Mills Mall. Nothing fancy – just fast-food Chinese – but we were both hungry and unwilling to spend much time looking for the noodles that Dee Dee suddenly got a craving for.

And forty minutes after dinner, we were home, more than ready to sleep!

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