New Mexico!

Day Four - Santa Fe to Silver City - Friday, April 21st Day Four Voyages

It's early Friday morning and - after a quick stop to pick up more salsa from Jackalope's (we made the mistake of "testing" it the night before and quickly discover that two jars just ain't going to be enough...) we're booming on south on the 25. Kinda dull scenery

The 25 pretty much follows the Rio Grande all the way down the length of New Mexico and the banks of the river are one long strip of farmland for much of that length.  It's gone gray again, but that doesn't stop it from gradually getting hotter and hotter as we head south.

I actually don't remember too much about the trip down.  Oh, it's probably pretty scenic, but the gray skies toned down everything and we hadn't gotten much sleep the night before, so it sorta just blurred out in my memory. Heck, we didn't even feel like stopping in "Truth or Consequences" as we drove by...Dee Dee driving southwards Truth or Consequences

Initially, we thought that after we hit Las Cruces, we'd swing east and visit White Sands and - if we were feeling really ambitious - Roswell.  But by now it's gotten hot enough - and we've been driving long enough - that all we want to do is get someplace where it's cool again, so after Las Cruces (and picking our way through a bunch of road construction there - actually, most of New Mexico seems to be under some sort of road construction at the moment), we head west rather than east, and begin to climb up to Silver City.

The mountains north of Las Cruces - on the way to Silver City

Silver City is an old mining community perched on southern edge of the Mogollon Mountains (which run through southwestern New Mexico & eastern Arizona) and is high enough that our requisite "cool" is met.  The town is also home to many Victorian and other buildings from the late 1800's and was on our list of "Places To Visit This Trip" anyway.  We stop at a Comfort Inn (not nearly as nice as the Lamplighter back in Santa Fe, unfortunately), grab a burger, and basically crash for the night.

Downtown Silver City

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