New Mexico!

Day Zero - Pasadena - "And so it begins..." Monday, April 17th

Monday morning and I'm in the shower, blearily staring out the window as I reach for the shampoo.  It's rather gray outside, but this doesn't bother me much as it's been gray outside the last few mornings, followed by nice clear afternoons.  Just a bit later, I turn off the shower...and still hear water running...'s raining - hard!

And it keeps raining hard, all day long, as I go to the laundromat, as I drop off an article with Allison for Word of Mouth magazine, as I buy the last few sandwich-making items at the store, as we try to pack the car, and as we drive to Glendale that evening for Dee Dee's class.

I was really, really sure the rains were over for the season.

I kill a couple of hours at the Borders bookstore in Glendale while Dee Dee's in class, then drive back to the college (or nearly so.  Our cell phone won't work actually at the college, closest is about a half-mile away, and I have to be in the clear, since Dee Dee's supposed to call when she's finished class).  I sit in the car, listening to the Lord of the Rings books on tape set (unabridged, so it takes a lot of listening to), when finally at about 9:30 Dee Dee calls and I head on up the street. Map of the Trip

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