It's 1901. America has just finished up with the Spanish/American war in possession of Puerto Rico, Cuba, the Philippines, etc. and Kaiser Wilhelm, upset that such an "upstart" country should have overseas colonies when he doesn't, demands that the U.S. turn them over to Germany.

McKinley of course refuses – and Germany launches a surprise attack on Long Island in an effort to force the U.S. to hand them over.

Now America must defeat the German land forces, stop the German Navy, and liberate New York!

This was a nicely thought out AH. At times, however, the characters seem a bit wooden - though this may be intentional on Conroy's part as an attempt to portray the times (someone said he was trying to match books of the time, along with just setting the action then).

Unlike the many WWII-ish "Germany Invades the U.S." stories, this one is actually believable, at least, from a technical plausibity standpoint. Germany isn't trying to conquer the place, just force some concessions. It's small navy can handle the U.S.'s even smaller one (split up in two oceans), and the fact that most of the U.S. Army is away in those newly held colonies makes the invasion's possibility much more believable. Heck, Germany really did have plans for such an invasion, should the need arise.

Definitely worth a read.