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Master Cheroni during a Pre-Test.  Partners: Chaz Calhoun and Ben Roland




Master Clay Cheroni
Owner and Chief Instructor
World HanMuDo Association
Certificate Number 2-248
WHMDA #9905-11446  
Korea Ki Do Association
Certificate Number 4862

Kukkiwon #05431430


Master Cheroni is the Chief
Instructor at Triple Black Belt
Academy.  He currently holds
the rank of  5th Dan in
Han Mu Do with the World
Han Mu Do Association. Master 
Cheroni holds the rank of 1st Dan 
in TaeKwonDo from the 
Kukkiwon.  He also holds the rank
of 4th Dan in Hapkido with the
Korea Ki Do Association.




Ms. Michelle Richardson-Cheroni    
Certificate Number 2-270
WHMDA #9901-11262

Kukkiwon #05431435

  Ms. Michelle
 is an Instuctor at 
 Triple Black Belt Academy. 
 She currently holds the rank 
 of 3rd Dan in Han Mu Do. 
Ms. Michelle also holds the 
rank of 1st Dan in TaeKwonDo
from the Kukkiwon. 

Ms. Michelle and Master Instructor Cheroni





                        The Mission of


Triple Black Belt Academy


 is to develop each individual

to their fullest potential,

both mentally and physically.

Improved self-respect, respect for others,

self-confidence, mental discipline,

and improved social skills are the

building blocks for excellence.

“Black Belt Excellence” is a

way of life that can be 

achieved through

the training of martial arts.



               Our History

We have three black belts that live at our house, hence inspiring the name of our school.  Clay Cheroni is a 5th Dan, certified instructor, who has experience teaching at the Academy of Korean Martial Arts in Brookhaven, MS.  He has been training in the martial arts since 1996.  Master Cheroni also holds the rank of 4th Dan in Hapkido with the Korea Ki Do Association.  He started with Master Higgs at Co-Lin and continued his training with Master Kincade in Brookhaven.  Michelle Richardson-Cheroni is a 3rd Dan with teaching experience in martial arts and in the local school system.  Both Master Cheroni and Ms. Michelle hold 1st Dan TaeKwonDo ranks from the Kukkiwon.  Danaher Broom is a 1st Dan who has helped out in the classes as well.  Both Michelle and Danaher have been studying Han Mu Do since 1998.  We want to teach others with the same high standards that we ourselves were taught with. 

            Martial arts is a way of life for us.  We would like to share our knowledge and love of the martial arts with others in this area. 


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