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William Trimmer's Princeton Page  is a good source of information on Micromechanics & MEMS & Micro Machines & MST & Other Web Sites & Journals & Books & Conferences, and the Belle Mead Research Consulting Company.

Belle Mead Research, Inc.

 New techniques for making small, micromechanical parts are enabling large new markets.  Sales of these micro devices are projected to be 30 billion dollars by the year 2002.

For the past 8 years Belle Mead Research has specialized in using these micromechanical (or MEMS) devices to advantage.  Belle Mead Research has designed and developed products, helped start up companies, evaluated products and programs, and performed research. Below is a summary of some collaborative efforts.

Please call me if you wish to talk about some aspect of micromechanics.

William Trimmer
Belle Mead Research
Phone 908 359 0012

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