Today we are forced to bow to the god of political correctness, even in our home churches.  When the bible says let every man speak authoritatively as the oracles of God, we have to let some speak, just to prove that we know they are "equal".  We cannot bare to hurt other's feeling by suggesting that there are others, rather than themselves, that have spent a lifetime laboring for that meat that endures to life everlasting, and have received mercy and grace from the Lord in this, so that they should recognize their lack and be quiet, listen and learn as those who have substance to give, give to those who do not.  Where did the idea come from, that it is a bad, or even un-Christian idea, to be open and honest about the truth of yours and others strengths and, or weaknesses?  I thought the bible said that we are to know those among us who labor in the Word; that we are to speak the truth, every man to his brother; that we are to demonstrate the same care one for another, bearing the burdens of are brothers and sisters in Christ?  Why cannot we talk about the various verses in scripture that give us caution where women as a group, are concerned?  Why do the women in many of our home churches, get so worked up over the issue of "equality" and "rights"?  Does this issue of "sexism" come from a perspective of God's Word or the world?

Of course you have heard and perhaps are very familiar with the following scriptures found in I John 2:15-17. I thought it needful to start off reminding you of this; and perhaps take another look at it's contents.

Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the father, but is of the world. And the world passeth away, and the lust thereof: but he that doeth the will of God abideth for ever.

Do you remember when Jesus said "If I have told you of earthly things and you do not believe me; then how shall you believe me if I tell you of heavenly things?"  Well, we are going to talk a little about earthly things; so that maybe someday we can then talk about heavenly things.  If we cannot agree on earthly things, how much more are we going to disagree on the issue of heavenly things!  I hope by the end of this article that you clearly understand what I mean by my provocative title; and understand that for lack of a better terminology and years of frustration and consternation of spirit over these issues, this title emerged in my sleep last night; and I do think the shoe fits!

In the world is the term "political correctness". I don't believe that I need to be considered a expert on American political correctness to see it for what it is.  Political correctness is about calling evil good and good evil; it is about convincing certain groups of people that they are hated by other groups of people, convincing these groups of people to hate and be hateful to other groups of people. Political correctness is about promoting certain groups of people, just because of sex, religion and race; and demoting other people, just because of sex, religion and race. Political correctness demands that we lie to others about who and what they are and hate those who dare to speak truth. One who realizes the folly of political correctness is accused of being exactly what the advocates of political correctness are, hateful. Political correctness censures the speech of the truth tellers and opens the door wide as can be for every foul and disgusting utterance.

As you well know, there are three main things we as Christians are to overcome; the world, the devil and the flesh. In the world we must overcome the pressure from various forms of media outlets, acquaintances and the various forms of  governmental influences, to conform to it's ways, like political correctness.  As far as the devil, we know that our fight is not against flesh and blood, but against powers and wickedness in high places, and we know that the devil roams around as a lion seeking whom he may devour, mostly in the form of temptations and the seasons thereof.  As for the flesh, we must overcome the senses of the flesh; taste, feel, hear, sight, smell; and die to being ruled by the senses of the flesh, effecting the mind, will and emotions; and put on the mind of Christ; receiving from him spiritual senses, which then can effect the mind, will and emotions. Such a man upon this transformation, is a perfect man.  You know when God appeared to Abraham, our father, one of the first things God told him is "walk before me and be ye perfect". Another place Jesus said "be ye perfect, for my Father in heaven is perfect"; this is the mark of the high calling that we have in Christ Jesus, which we are all pressing for, if we love Jesus.

If you are a woman-shnooked man or a woman who shnooks them, this is where your love for the world and it's political correctness is going to force you to hate me.  You can cloud it any way you like.  You can say silly things like, I don't like you, but I love you in Jesus.  Of course what this means, is you hate my guts and are going to have nothing more to do with me.  Let me just remind you of the truth of God's Word, a scriptural truth that few people dare to mention.  If you reject Jesus, you have rejected the Father, if you reject me, being a servant of Jesus, you have rejected Jesus.  If I do not serve Jesus, I would be glad to hear your strong reasons why, if you have any.  Now that I have warned you of the highly inflammatory truth, I am about to embark upon, do not assume that you know my position or conclusion until you have fully read my comments; you know - slow to speak, slow to wrath - you know those verses, right?   And by the way; the church in America, home church and structured church, is in rebellion against God on these issues, and brother, sister, I read the book and rebellion is the sin of witchcraft, and all who rebel against the Lord will be destroyed.

Recently I was invited to attend another home fellowship in a city near where I live.  The subject that night was on spiritual gifts.  I noticed that the house was full of younger, more hip christians; some very cute girls cuddled on the couch next to their boyfriends; one lady there, if I heard right, was the daughter of the popular teacher, Marilyn Hickey, a TV and Radio preacher. All the sudden some one spoke up in the room and commented "A woman can do anything a man can do right?", everyone in the room agreed.  Some commented, "A woman is equal to a man", and everyone agreed. Then the teacher of the bible study  asked, "everyone agrees with this, don't they?!", I remained silent, I knew the can of worms a man who disagreed would have faced, this was my first visit!  The scriptures in the bible that say otherwise, such as a woman is not to usurp authority over a man or in I Peter 3:7 where the apostle exhorts men to honor women as the weaker vessels, or where the apostle Paul exhorts the women, or more specifically the wives to remain silent in the church, and if they have any questions, they should ask their husbands when they get home; all these scriptures are dismissed by this group and replaced with every crevice of scripture that remotely can be used to demonstrate the opposite opinion. At the end of the bible study it was declared that all present had gifts from God and needed to step out and use them. Some women who felt condemned inside and felt like they had no gifting, were made to lay hands on the elders and pray for them, along side their doting boyfriends. This, to me, was a disgusting display of biblical ignorance.  I can not thoroughly address each and every issue here, it would take a book, not an article!  However, let's start one issue at a time.

In the bible I have only found twice, in the same scripture, where the word "equality" is used  (2 Cor. 8:14).   It is used to encourage Christians to give of their earthly possessions to other Christians, so that there would be equality, financially among Christians. However, since it is more blessed to give than to receive, even if you do have equal riches to your brothers who gave to you, are you equally blessed?  Of course not!  The idea of equality is just another way that sottish children, when playing together, can all feel special and equally loved, so as to prevent fights born of jealousy and disputes over who has the most toys.  Maybe this never occurred to you that NO ONE IS EQUAL!  Men are not equal with men and women are not equal with men nor are women equal with women, nor are men equal with women.  The reason that most men don't go around declaring themselves equal with women, is because they don't go around with a chip on their shoulder, placed by American political correctness.  Women who find it necessary to go around declaring their equality to men, have fallen for the lie and rebellion associated with it.  Was Esau equal with Jacob?  When God chooses to have mercy on one person and withhold it from another person, does that make God unrighteous.  What about the parable in scripture of the workers in the field who all received one penny at the end of the day?  Did all of these workers, work equally as hard?  No they did not!  Seeing this, how are they equal?  They were not!  The issue in the Church is not equality, but grace, "Thy Grace is sufficient for me".  If you claim that you don't love the world, then why are you appealing to the wisdom of the world by raising the issue of equality, rather than going to the Word of God and raising the issue of grace?  Don't you know it is written "those who compare themselves one with another are not wise"?

There can be no debate, as far as a Christian family is concerned, the bible clearly commands the woman to be in subjection to the man in all things and the children like-wise to the parents.  If you do not agree with this, then you are either ignorant of the writings of scripture or you do not accept the scripture as the final authority in matters pertaining to life and godliness.  As pertaining to the church, elders are given authority by scripture to rule in the church.  Elders are not people who are voted into a position, but they are people, who are who they are, by virtue of what they possess. If an Elder has not seen Jesus (spiritually), or looked into the sanctuary of God (Psalms 73), or are able by sound doctrine to convince the gainsayers (those that answer back), then they are not, by virtue of what they are, an Elder in the church, regardless of how much you personally like them or hate them.  There are Elders who are men and there are Elders who are women. The Elders who are women must not operate according to the spirit of this age (rebellion), but operate in a fear and trembling of the Word of God, just as the men. A woman is not to receive the head ship over, or be a covering for a man, under any circumstances. A woman must be under the law as long as she lives and must have a spiritual covering over her (a godly man), if she is to pray or prophesy, just as the scripture declares.  Why?  For the sake of the angels!  If that reason is not good enough for you, then I would not want to stand with you before the judgment on that day, where the angels will be present. Men, as a group, do not scripturally rule over women, nor do women, as a group. scripturally rule over children. The Word of God exhorts all groups to submit one to another, in the fear of God.  The reason I submit to women is not because they are a covering over me, but because they reminded me of what thus sayeth the Word of God, which is far above me in authority! I fear God, even the Word of God, that is why I submit to all people in the fear of God. But if you come to me and try to convince me of your authority, I will never fear that!  Why should I?  In all matters, the final and highest authority is the Word of God.

Speaking in Church
I Cor. 14:33-35
For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints. Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience, as also saith the law.  And if they will learn any thing, let them ask their husbands at home:  for it is a shame for women to speak in the church.

There are some groups that interpret the above verses to mean all women regardless of age or spiritual maturity.  In this group of people, there is a clear division between themselves and other groups that choose to dismiss these and other scriptures as being not for today and strictly a cultural thing of the early church.  The attitude of the later group, towards the previous group is one of hateful scorn. Words are hurled at them such as "sexist, male chauvinistic pigs", basically the same line they would get from the world and it's political correct establishment. I do think the first group is wrong in their interpretation of these verses, but I hold far more respect for those who stick with the things they believe the bible teaches, even in the face of persecution, rather than a group who reject or dismiss the scriptures they do not understand and appeal to the world for answers on these matters.

I know that the above verses apply to some women, but not others. Women cannot pray or prophesy with their head covered, nor can the Elder women be teachers of good things, as the Word commands, if all women can never speak. I do not use one scripture to defeat another, but use another scripture to shed light on the last.  Remember, all scripture is given by God, for the use of exhortation, doctrine and all things that pertain to life and godliness.  Dismissing scriptures you don't understand is a dangerous game; I am not going to play that game and neither should you, if you love Jesus.  We know by the above passages that the women in Corinth were causing confusion by speaking. The word women here can also accurately be interpreted, "wife"; obviously they could not go home and ask their husbands, if they did not have one.  Another aspect of the above verse is where it says, "And if they will learn any thing".  Another passage in the bible says, "Let the women learn in silence"; another passage says, "The women shall be saved by childbearing".  This verse, in light the full counsel of scripture, is clearly talking about women who are young, unlearned, during the early years of childbearing, women who are not elders, in the things of God.  In the early church, if you recall, there were groups of widows.  Remember the instruction of the Apostle, to not let a young women into that group.  Remember what his reason was?  Because she will go after satan and marry.  That is not to say that there is something wrong with getting married, but the Apostle Paul exhorts the church that the married woman, as the man, cares for the things of this world, how she may please her husband, unlike the unmarried woman. Then Paul exhorts that the time has come that those who are married should be as though they are not married.  In other words, those who are married should not care about the things of the world, how they should please one another, but care for the things of the Lord and how they should please him.  As the scripture states, those who gain their lives shall lose it and those who lose their lives for his sake shall find it.  This is why I am so much against the popular political-religious movement - focus on your family.  We need to focus on Jesus and his Word and then these things will be added unto us, with no sweat at all!

Quite frankly, I think that there are many men that need to be quiet, in the church.  That to me is a sad truth!  The bottom line is this, "Let every man speak as the oracles of God"  so that all in the church have adequate opportunity to serve others with what the Lord has given to them. In our little home church, all we have are women, almost.  Are group is small, so we can operate in order, without confusion, even when unlearned women ask questions and comment occasionally.  I could see, if we grew in size, that greater order and adherence to the methods of scripture would be needful. But at this time we don't have a confusion problem, as the church of Corinth had.  If a women came in, sensual, not having the Spirit, and demanded equality, we undoubtedly would have a problem.

The woman-shnooked man is surrounded by foolish women that he esteems as being wise. This man uses the term "sexist" in his arguments, upholding the self esteem of his silly wife.  This man considers himself to be wise loving, gentle, and wants others to look at him as the picture of a good husband.  Anyone that dares to question the validity of the comments coming from the mouth of his foolish wife or other women he esteems, is said to be hateful, unloving, not kind or gentle, un-Christ-like. The woman-shnooked man is not held accountable for the rebellious children and wife in his house he is all to diligent to disguise as wise and prudent. This man may not associate with, extend hospitality to or give assistance to, nor be friends with, any person not liked by his silly wife and children.  This man will always side with the members of his earthly family, whether they are right or wrong. The woman-shnooked man believes he is like Jesus and associates the relative peace in his earthly family, due to his acceptance and tolerance of their evil, as being the blessings of God in his life.  When your foolish wife goes into a ridiculous rage of jealousy over a young man you believe desperately needs Jesus that you have been spending time with; she tells you that you have to choose her or the young man; then we will find out who the godly man is and the man who is simply sensual and woman-shnooked!  By the way, the men I have met and spent time with, that are leaders in the structured churches, are all woman shnooked. The comments I hear over the radio from men like Hank Hanagraff and other radio preachers, lead me to believe that they are all woman-shnooked.  If I didn't think this was a major problem, I would not be writing of it.  When the scriptures prophesy of the judgment of God and declares, "I will cause babes to be your princes and women shall rule over you" did you think that God was offering a compliment of future blessings?

Finally, the women in our churches who walk around with the hateful equality chip on their shoulder and the men who accommodate them, need to repent.  I sincerely desire women to seek the Lord and receive all God has for them and more.  I sincerely desire women in the spiritual sense to be men, I have no problem receiving the things of God from women; but I will not bow down to the political correctness of the world so foolish prideful women will be esteemed and the truly wise will be demoted, just so we can feel equal and good about ourselves, because NO ONE IS EQUAL IN REALITY, BUT GOD'S GRACE IS SUFFICIENT FOR YOU AND ME, IF WE LOVE HIS WORD!

In hopes that the division among proclaiming Christians and the hate involved
would finally be put to rest and the Lord Jesus be the Head of His Church.
Robert J. Begnaud