Time for a Little Heart to Heart

Jesus is my savior! Jesus is my redeemer! It is he that keeps my life from destruction. Unless God saves me, I will be continually ashamed, poor, naked, worthless, eternal loser... I put my trust in Jesus completely, he knows my beginning and my end, therefore I shall not be ashamed, poor, naked, worthless or an eternal loser!

Can I ask you a question? How did you find this site? Lord knows that I haven't promoted it or found it in my heart to do so. Well, I guess I am glad that you have found this small site, but let me make a few things clear before you read anything found here. 

I have not been called by the Lord Jesus to be involved with an internet ministry. Of course you know that every true Christian is called to be a servant of the Lord, and to love others by the way of speaking the truth, giving answers to every man who question one's Christianity. The Lord has allowed me to put a few articles that I have written online. I know for a fact that the articles here are not perfect, and I probably could do a better. These articles are not for seminary elitists who believe that God favors those with higher I.Qs.  God has not called me to let my voice be heard in the streets, nor to enter my ideas in a contest where those who receive the approval of men are expected to prevail. I have no desire to prevail, nor to win your confidence or money. The articles here only give you a little insight on some of the things that I am passionate about. Do not be surprised if you find little changes made on this web page over an extended period of time, I cannot do anything unless God shows mercy and allows you to hear what he has allowed me to hear.

I am the father of seven children, one grandchild, and the husband of one wife of 20 years. If that gets your respect, that isn't what I am after. I don't have a perfect past, neither do I have a extremely horrible past, but one thing I am sure about, as for as me and MY house, we will serve the TRUE and LIVING God! 

We hold a home church meeting on Sundays, where the Lord is sought after in truth. The meeting is informal in the sense that there is opportunity for others not only to share but to interact with me and even disagree with me. I am not immune from those who wish to confront me with the truth. I give reasonable and powerful answers in the account of that which I have been given by God, from which everything I am and everything I could ever hope to be is founded. If you love the brethren, you will demonstrate that love by speaking the truth. I find most people to be full of deception and lies, they could not be honest with you if that was the only thing left! I am not like that, I will tell you what I believe and the reasons for my belief . I do have powerful reasons and answers for my beliefs. I challenge anyone to demonstrate in a reasonable, logical way, my error. The vast majority of proclaiming Christians today will never give me answers for their faith or take me to task with logic and reasoning, because they hate me. Yes! Simple and to the point, THEY HATE ME!! Proclaiming brothers who are not honest with me or refuse to patiently contend for the faith, are not looking out for me, isn't that true?

If you love the truth and want to fellowship with others that also love the truth, send me an email. If you would just like to read a few of my articles online, that is ok as well. But don't think you know me yet, you don't! The only people that will ever know me, are those who are humble, true worshippers of the living Word of God, our only and great Lord!

I sincerely hope that you are known of, and know the True and Living God, his Son Jesus Christ!

Robert J. Begnaud