GREETINGS in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has loved you and given himself for you, who now sits at the right hand of God, the Father, until his enemies become his and our footstool. May the Peace & Grace of our Lord Jesus be with you always.

The Lord Jesus Christ has heavily burdened my heart and spirit for his chosen people, scattered amongst the pagans of the earth. Those who are chosen and following the Lord Jesus in righteousness, have been greatly saddened by the apostasy and great falling away of their many brothers, who have been driven away with all sorts of delusions, false prophets and doctrines of demons. Many of these chosen Saints, have withdrawn from their false brothers and remain alone within the four walls of their house, awaiting the promises and salvation of our Lord Jesus, watching and praying. We are a weak people resting upon the finished work of Jesus Christ, knowing that it is only by his mercy that we have not been entirely consumed. We all are very aware of our own rebellion and many of us have been brought through the fire and carry deep wounds in our own spirits as we await the deliverance of God.

I have been greatly perplexed and saddened by a very grievous lie that has taken a hold on many brothers, some of which I have great esteem for. You are very well aware that our Lord Jesus was born of a woman, conceived of the Holy Ghost, yet esteemed as the Son of David, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. Jesus, being the son of Joseph, of the lineage of David, was not of Joseph's blood line, yet Jesus was esteemed as the Son of David and the rightful heir to the throne. The promise made to King David was fulfilled in Jesus, yet Jesus had not one drop of blood line in Joseph, his earthly father. Jesus was Joseph's adopted earthly Son and obtained heir to the earthly promises made to Joseph's father, David. We, also being adopted, whether or not we can prove a Israeli blood line, have also obtained the earthly and heavenly promises made to the earthly historical Israel, and are also, as Jesus was, esteemed as natural heirs. The Apostle James also wrote his letter to the twelve tribes of Israel and then made it clear by the content of his letter, that he was writing his epistle to his Christian brothers, not to the followers of Judaism, which were the enemies of the cross.

The purpose of this letter is not to oppose dispensation theology or to promote replacement theology, but to plainly say the following: "If you continue to proclaim that the chosen people of God are because of bloodline or because of the followers of the false religion called, Judaism, YOU HAVE DENIED THE FAITH OF JESUS CHRIST AND BECOME AN ENEMY OF THE CROSS." I have heard it said by these same false teachers, some of the following heretical statements:

"The Jews who follow Judaism are the chosen, but the Jews who are Christians, are just part of the Gentile Church." (Over throwing the power of the cross.)

"The Jews are going to build a third temple and start animal sacrifices, with God's blessing and he will make a new covenant with them." (I guess that means Jesus's sacrifice was not the final one and God is going to bypass Jesus in his dealings with the Jews.)

"May God bless the Jews when they go out and kill, mame and torture the Palastinians, but let the Palastinians be cursed when they do the same!" (It is wrong for either side to break God's commandments towards one another.)


...the only dead preacher still preaching on the radio today, dispensationalist teacher Dr. J. Vernon McGee admits, "The 1948 migration to the land of Israel, does not match the Biblical prophetic account, thus not a fulfillment of prophecy?"

...the vast majority of Israel's citizens are secularist, not believing in God at all?

...Israel's military is made up of secularist, because the orthodox Jews will not join the military, due to this fact?

...it is a known fact that there are millions of people around the world that have Jewish blood a have no knowledge of it and many that claim to have Jewish blood in Israel and all over, can't prove it?

...some historians say the lost ten tribes of Israel are British and American and others say they are in Japan, India and Native American Indians and others say they are all Black African descent?

I don't claim to know what will be the fate of the biblical land of Israel or what will be the fate of every living Jew. But I do claim to know for certain that there is one King of the Jews, even Jesus, my King and Lord, who sits on the right hand of the Father, until ALL of his enemies, including the pagan followers of Judaism, become his footstool! The followers of Judaism are still number one enemy to the cross of Jesus Christ, even the spirit of anti-Christ, and are on the same level with the Muslims who also deny the deity of Jesus.

I repeat again, if you esteem yourself or others as chosen of God, God's elect, thus the people of God, bases on who their ancestors were, you have denied the faith and now have become perfect in your own eyes by the flesh. This form of idolatrous worship of men worshiping men, who glory in their flesh, having not heeded the words of Paul the Apostle, who counted his earthly lineage as nothing, that he might gain Christ, are still trying to defeat the power of the cross, through vain lineage claims, who hate our beloved Rock and to the non-Christian Jews, still a Rock of offence.

Has God Chosen, through his foreknowledge, a people of his election, by his wisdom and righteousness? Romans 11:7 What then? Israel hath not obtained that which he seeketh for; but the election hath obtained it, and the rest were blinded. Yes, God has a people he has chosen, and God is able to perform it in the lives of his elect. Are you blind? Then you are not God's elect! Have you repented and turned to Jesus in truth? Then God has demonstrated his love towards you, because it is the goodness of God that leads us to repentance! Are you following the pagan rituals of Judaism? Then God has blinded your eyes and no one has the right to lie to you and declare you as God's people!

Mystery Israel, is still a mystery! You can waste your time looking for the lost ten tribes of Israel, perhaps searching the Mormon genealogy library or reading the opinions of early historical scholars. You can waste your time glued to the TV watching every shot Israeli or rock throwing Palastinian or perhaps every peace accord attempt. But when all is said and done, the Holy Bible will be proven true according to God's standard, not yours or mine. Daniel declares by the inspiration of the Holy Ghost, "only the wise, in the things of God will understand". The question and understanding of "Mystery Israel", will not be given in the hands of Theologians, who's brains are bigger than their bible, but God chooses to deliver even his deep truths unto babes, his poor in spirit, little children. Yes, those little children that don't have the money to buy big buildings on which their faces can be engraved, those little children who don't have the capacity nor the desire to speak with great swelling words, having men's admiration and acceptance to boast themselves of! For God himself is the deliverer of his little ones and the proud, will God resist!

I think I understand "Mystery Israel", but I am not going to talk about it, because we are still living in spiritual Babylon, under the clear judgement of God, that was mentioned in the prayer of Daniel "to us belongs confusion of face". Yes! The reason we can't agree with each other about what the Bible teaches on this subject and many others, is because we are in the captivity of spiritual confusion, handed down as the righteous judgement of God! Do you think we would be a little ashamed about this? No! We just continue pointing fingers and putting everyone else down, questioning the salvation of others and upholding ourselves and the few people that agree with us. We are not at all humble or ashamed! You may say, "Robert, have you read your own letter, you are doing the same thing you accuse others of!" My answer: What do you want me to do, uphold the exaltation of flesh, uphold your doctrine that clearly removes the stumbling stone given to the Jewish people? I don't hate the Jews, I may be one, and not know it! I simply want to be numberd in with the one and only people, who are the people of God. There is no scriptural bases anywhere in the bible for two peoples. There is, and will be, only one Israel of God, to whom the promises apply!

Are you just waiting for the Rapture, having resigned your life to a list of small victories and small to great defeats? Do you believe the statement "don't despise the day of small things"? If so, you better re-read the passage found in Zec. 4:10! Because I despise this day of small things, I serve a risen savior and a great king. I await the day of deliverance for the Israel of God, and will rejoice when I see the plummet in the hand of Zerubbabel! I fully expect to see and take part in the building of the Holy Temple of God, as a member of the remnant of Israel.

May you be ashamed and humble, and let every man become a liar and let God be true!

Robert, a servant of the Lord Jesus.