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George Cook, U.S. Senate, KS 2004

If you want Reform, Vote REFORM,
Welcome to the Campaign Website. We hope you enjoy the visit, and find it informative. Make your Voice Heard by using our Online Polls on the left. Below you will find links to the Issues and Candidate pages of this site. Please review the Information provided there.
George Cook For Senate, Working for Kansas, Fighting for YOU

This site is sponsored by the Candidate. Contact or Support the Campaign at:
  • Cook For Senate Campaign Committee
  • 5065-4 Lamar Avenue
  • Mission, Kansas 66202-1751
  • Phone/Fax (913) 262-8652

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    Axe the Tax - Repeal NAFTA - Vote REFORMBelow are links to the Reform Party of Kansas (home of TRUE Conservatives) and 2 Fellow Reform Party Candidates in the upcoming Elections. Links to more pages on this site and our email are at the bottom also.
    George Cook, the Voice for the People of Kansas

    Reform Party of KS

    Dawn Bly KS 3rd CD

    Pettibone for Gov.


    Meet the CandidateGeorge Cook, Reform, Kansas. Get to know him and the Issues by touring this site. Join with him to "Take America Back" by supporting the Campaign with your VOTE, Contribution, or Personal Campaign Efforts. Remember, If you want Reform, vote Reform.
    Vote George H. Cook, U.S. Senate, Kansas November 2004

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