A CD by
Christopher Tree

Before he spent 23 years performing in Europe, Christopher Tree presented more than
600 “Spontaneous Sound” concerts in the United States. The Majority were held in
California and New York. The venues included:
 - theaters, 
 - clubs, 
 - radio, 
 - television,
 - prisons (including Sing Sing and San Quentin),
 - juvenile detention centers, 
 - children’s and mental hospitals,
 - schools for the deaf, blind and mentally handicapped, 
 - Native American and Latino Centers, 
 - old age homes and convalescent hospitals, 
 - nursery, elementary, middle and high schools, 
 - universities, 
 - the Girl Scouts, 
 - "Love-Ins", 
 - museums, 
 - libraries, 
 - churches, 
 - parks and 
 - sidewalks.
In Europe, he gave concerts in most western countries. He lived in Greece, Germany and
Switzerland; then settled in France for 19 years. Here, Christopher continued to hold
children’s workshops and concerts with children. He also provided music therapy for the
mentally handicapped and Schizophrenics.
Christopher is back in the United States now, where he has spent the last two years on the
southern Oregon coast. Spontaneous Sound was recorded in Bandon, Oregon, where the
Coquille River returns to the sea. Listen close and you may hear the fog horn at the South
Jetty and the distant roar of waves on the south beaches. 
There are no electronic sounds or over-dubbing. When two or more instruments are heard,
they are being played at the same time.
There are 30 selections on the CD
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