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The Basics

***** 'Turning The Tables', Haden Boardman

Garrards At The BBC

Garrards At The BBC .. more

The Vibe

***** 'Diy'ing A Time Machine', Jonathon Noble, Analog Dept.

Sakuma-San's Restaurant Concorde


Sound Practices, Joseph Esmilla Article

The Shindo Garrard, Jules Coleman

The Analog Department, Garrard User Page

Analogue Classics, Holger Trass

Stefano Pasini, Expansive User Site

Have You Been To "NARU"?, Yoshi Segoshi

My Thoughts On HiFi, Hiroyasu Kondo

'The Science Of Beauty', Herb Reichert

The Information

Page On Garrard Swindon History

Practical Guide To Turntable SetUp by M. Fremer / *unavailable at present

HFNRR Review, Ken Kessler

HiFi World, Garrard History

Mark Kelly's Garrard 301 Pages

JE Labs, Superb User Site, Joseph Esmilla

The Vinyl Engine, UK Site With Garrard Manuals, Templates

Pacific Rim
For translation purposes, a Japanese-Character Language Set
is a useful aid for these...

Gizmo : Japanese Audio Sites

Garrard, EMT User Site, Stunning Photos

Vintage Vanguard

'inaiinaiba', Beautiful Japanese Site

Jiya-San's Site

Kondo-San / Audionote Japan

User Site

Sakuma-San's Site


User Site, Beautiful-EMT Inspired Plinth

User Site, Low Profile Plinth

User Site

Shindo Laboratories

47 Laboratory

301 User Page

401 User Page In Translation

Japan Audio Tubes

Mat-HiFi User Site

User Site

User Site

Japanese language page, breakdown of Spindle, Thrustpad, Idler

Lumiere Audio, vintage Neumann & esoterica.

Parts And Diagrams

301 Template

Countour Template

Turntable Motors Article, John Atwood

Svalander Idler Specialists

Terry's, Idler Specialists

Analog Dept. 301 Template

DIYAudio Plinths Discussion

Plinths Etc Discussion, Pink Fish Media

401 Discussion, Pink Fish Media

401 Restoration, Bit-Tech

Motor Assembly Photos

Motor And Bearing Photos

301 Restoration Page, Kohjin Yamada

301 Info, Photos

Garrard 301 Search Results, Vinyl Asylum

The Vinyl Asylum

Related Content
Garrard and Sme, Emt, Ortofon, Fidelity Research, Thorens

The Vinyl Engine, Garrard Message Board

***** Sme Tonearms, Indispensible Page, Holger Trass

Cutting Lathes Info, Links

ProFi Studiotechnik Dusch, EMT

Mastering Engineer Stan Ricker Interview

Krishu 5.0, German Phono Diy Site

Vinylium, Switzerland

SlateDeck Plinths, see article 'Why Idler Drive'

Direct Drive Diy Page

Johannes Lebong, Tubes & Analog

Juhani Hinkkanen's Finnish Garrard page

User Site

Pierre Clement, Cartridges

Art Dudley Thorens Essay Pt. One

Art Dudley Thorens Essay Pt. Two

Thorens TD Motor Overhaul Page

MusicAngle, Michael Fremer

Steve Hoffman Analog Site

EMT Turntables, Sound Practices, Heiner Jakobi

EMT Overview, Ian White

Listening Room

More Links

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