No. 6435
1967 Design Paper

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"Design Of Transcription Turntables"
by E.W. Mortimer
Garrard Engineering Ltd.






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The above paper is from a July 1967 copy of a magazine called Component Technology,
which was the in-house technical publication of the Plessey group.

Service Department Bulletin From Plessey-Garrard 1975





Interesting tips & fixes memo from the Service department.  Confirmation that lower motor bearing can be lubed in place, without complete disassembly.  Valuable motor-shaft realignment and motor spindown-time information.  Perhaps the first official siting of the Inline Lightbulb voltage-pad trick, and (very) unusual advice regarding the greasebearing. 
Worthwhile to note that by 1975 the 301 was long gone, and Plessey-acquisition Garrard would discontinue the 401 by the next year.  So the 301 assistance here was being offered as last resort support.  It does come across as a compilation of all the accumulated fixes known to be simple enough for the intrepid Lp Enthusiast to navigate.