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bromoil print: a photographic image created by bleaching and tanning a black-and-white photograph, then soaking the bleached print (or matrix) in water before applying lithographic ink, usually by brush. The tanning and soaking processes cause the matrix to repel ink from the highlights while allowing ink to build-up proportionally in the midtones and shadows, creating a pigment-based version of the original image.

The list below provides links to the individual web sites of working bromoilists around the world or to individual pages on the web site of the International Society of Bromoilists. I am aware that some links no longer work and will update if sent the new url.


Ken Barry -

Joe Besse -

Gregory Bleck - bleck/greg.html

Ed Buffaloe -

Jill Skupin Burkeholder -

Sherry Ceallaigh - ceallaigh/sherry ceallaigh.html

Barbara Dayton - dayton/barbara dayton.html

Frank Dienst -

Kein Dingman - dingman/kevin.html

Wayne Firth - firth/wayne firth 1.html

Joy Goldkin -

Thom Harrell -

Brownie Harris -

Charlotte Kay - kay/charlotte kay.html

Chuck Kimball -

Gene Laughter -



John Lowen - lowen/john lowen 1.html

Eliza Massey -

Tom Micklin -

Nanessence -

Saelon Renkes -

H. Seals -

Larry Shapiro -

Jeremy Streeter - Streeter/jeremy streeter.html

Ernie Theisen -

Linda Treash -


Frantisek Strouhal -

Andrea Zalme -


Dennis Atherton - atherton/dennis atherton 1.html

Dennis Fielding - Fielding/Dennis Fielding.html

William Foster -

David Francis -

Maija McDougal -

Dave Symonds -

Kirk Toft -

Chris Upton -

Derek Watkins -


Cec Bown -

Tony Peri - Peri PHOTOGRAPHY/Photo Home.html


Jurek Karwowski -

Per Volledal -


Jukka Korhonen -

Stanislav Belyaevsky -


Siegfried Utzig - Utzig/siegfried.html


Rene Smets - smets/rene smets.html

Dany Vermeersch - vermeersch/dany vermeersch.html

Luc Van Quickenborne -


The work of several historical photographers who worked in bromoil can be found on the internet. Links are listed below.

N.P. Andreev -

Russian bromoilist from the 1920s-1930s. Fine images. 

Harold Cazneaux -

The menu at the bottom of the page selects suites of work containing some bromoils c.1910-1930. Very nice historical work. 

Norman Gryspeerdt -

A variety of images are shown, along with information on the bromoil process.

Edward Hirst -

Another early English bromoilist.

Franz Rontag -

Unique images images from the master of 3-colour bromoil transfers.


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