Claudia Congleton

Claudia Congleton

Claudia Congleton creates romantic and sentimental postcard size collages which combine nostalgic images with vibrant modern design.

Charles Farrell

Charles Farrell

Charles Farrell combines renaissance amd other art historical imagery with modern compositions and color to produce beautiful dreamlike images. Also see his photomontage site at:

Stan  Askew

Stan Askew

Stan Askew creates colorful and thought provoking Americana influenced mailart collages.

Hope Kroll

Hope Kroll

Hope Kroll creates 3D collages which are both meticulous and marvelous.

Sue Pieper

Sue Peiper

Sue Peiper creates very personal collages rich in color, texture and nostalgia.

Susan Tuttle

Ilka's Attic

Susan Tuttle has a particular interest in collage that incorporates altered vintage images, often in whimsical and playful settings.

Heater Samson

Heather Samson

Heather Samson creates superb collages which are a mixture of social commentary and cut and paste beings.

Amedeo de Palma

Amedeo de Palma turns black and white images depicting methods of mass production into provocative socio-political statements. He is also an expert at using color and form to produce biting social and political satires.


Scrapatorium is a blog which offers a new collage every day! Irreverent, thought provoking and compositionally brilliant. What more could a collage junkie want?

Julie Nelms

Julie Nelms works in a wide variety of media. She calls her digital collage work "photoshoplifting" since she "borrows" images and presents them in other contexts. Her work is both personal and humorous.

Enrique Ferreol

Enrique creates three dimensional collages which are beautiful, lyrical and thought provoking.

Sebastian Wahl

Sebastian uses kaleidoscopic combinations of color and form to create cosmic mandalas.


James McNulty creates collages out of firework labels to create fantastic collages of color and form.


JDAY uses cut paper to create highly imaginative, graphic art influenced images.

Kevin Noordberg

Kevin's collages are experiments in color, composition and size.

Fred Nicholson:

Fred Nicholson creates collages which address the issues of race, time and spirituality. His website "" can be visited at:

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