Edvard Derkert

Edvard Derkert

Edvard Derkert combines Dadaism and Surrealism to create collages of impeccable color and composition.

Filipa Sottomayer

Filipa Sottomayer

Filipa Sottomayer creates playful mixed media collages using bold colors and a feminine perspective.

Claudio Parentela

Claudio Parentela

Claudio Parentela's photoshop collages combine mixed media with repeated elemements to create fascinating fragments of humanity.

Gianfranco Maletti

Gianfranco Maleti

Gianfranco Maletti creates subtle abstract collages using torn paper and tissue paper.

Aliette Couette

Aliette Couette

Aliette Couette uses torn paper, pastel, spices and soil to produce collages rich in color, texture and pattern.

Gerard Bertrand

Gerard Bertrand's “Franz Kafka and Marcel Proust, 2 Albums”

"Franz Kafka and Marcel Proust receive a double tribute in two albums of "recomposed photographs", in a rather surrealist spirit."

Christoph Noebel: Collages 1997-2000

Christoph regards collage as a "metaphor of the fragmentation of modern life". His abstract collages and photomontages show a superb sense of design, pattern and composition.

Cassiope by Marie Claderive

Marie's collages explore Arcadian delights with the motion and three dimensionality of Java applets. The effects cannot be seen in the thumbnail, but are best viewed by visiting her site using Internet Explorer.

Irelantis by Sean Hillen

Sean Hillen explores time, space and landscape using the Irish landscape as the starting point for surreal explorations.

Pablo Reese von Lichtenberg

Pablo creates constructivist influenced collages using material found on the streets of Berlin. His site also features assemblages and other types of collages.

Rowena Dugdale

Rowena is an illustrator who's work "is a mix of colour, texture and mixed-media, combined with a natural curiosity for solutions and visual communication".

Jonathon Baker

Jonathon uses collage as a weapon. Influenced by the Punk Movement, his work consists of political and social statements intended to provoke.

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