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Original Series TP

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TIM (Philip Gilbert) is actually the bioelectronic computer initiated by Timon and assembled by John). TIM father-hens all of the TP including John, runs the lab, cooks, and keeps things in order.

The actual TP, in break-out order, are:


John (Nicholas Young) appears in all seasons. He is the leader, and would be the overprotective jewish mother of the group if he were a) female and b) actually related to them. Other than those two problems there is no difference. His father is a police seargant and a freemason, but we don't know his last name. John also must have at least one very lucrative invention as he manages to keep the Tomorrow People in an almost endless supply of money. He often seems cold and removed from the others at times, but if you watch carefully, it becomes clear that he cares very deeply for the others and worries terribly when he must send them into danger.

Carol (Sammie Winmill) appears only in the first season. Officially, she became an ambassador to the Galactic Trig and fell in love with an Andonesian ambassador there. Unoffically, she whined a lot. (In real life, the actress decided not to do the next season for fear of being typecast.) She was sort of youngish but motherly towards the younger two TP's at the time- not as protective as John, but more affectionate.

Kenny (Stephen Salmon) appeared in only the first season. He was the youngest, 12, and could range from acting slightly older to slightly younger, depending on the situation. He also got stuck in the lab quite a bit (despite loud protests). He was sent to the Trig as an ambassador and was brought up once as sort of playing a trick on Timus. He told Timus that ambassadors on Earth wore old style military uniforms. Devious little....

Stephen Jameson (Peter Vaughn-Clarke) was in the first four seasons. He was also the first we saw to break out, and the only TP whose last name was known to the audience for the first season. He was mechanically gifted, a former fencer, and a soccer player in the same league as Kenny, but a different team (he brags about beating Kenny's team in "The Vanishing Earth"), and frequently got sent into danger while John (and Elizabeth in later episodes) worried himself (or themselves :) ) to death. In his last season, he had very much become John's right hand and almost (but not quite) as sensible. Stephen's departure is not explained in the series, although it is generally presumed that he went to the Trig in one capacity or another. In real life, he was written out because the powers wanted him and Tyso out. Roger wasn't thrilled, and refused to explain their disappearances because he didn't want them disappeared. (Reasons previously reported on this page have proved to be false.) These are, of course, the same people who had cut the TP's seasons to seven episodes only the year before.

Elizabeth "Liz" M'Bondo (Elizabeth Adare) was in seasons two through eight, except she spent season six on the Trig (I believe the actress was pregnant). She became John's co-leader- "the others followed John because he commanded their respect. They followed Elizabeth because she commanded their love. If John was their father, then Elizabeth was their mother." (Sean Hately) Almost accordingly, she also acted as John's conscience. Two telling examples are: in "The Doomsday Men", she lectures John for not wanting to save the astronaut who drifted away from Damocles, and in "One Law", she very gently puts a hand on John's shoulder and glares at him for yelling at Tyso for wanting to come home to visit his mother-- this prompts John to apologize.

Tyso Boswell (Dean Lawerance) appears in seasons three and four. He is of gypsy heritage, which Stephen reminds him of at least every other episode. As such, Tyso often hunts and is believed to be able to kill animals, and has very good hunting skills. He was also Stephen's best friend and disappeared at the same time- presumably to the Trig school he didn't originally want to leave until he got homesick. The real life explanation for his disappearance is the same as that for Stephen, the powers that be insisted he be removed from the series, reasons unknown. Oh, and if you watch closely in "A Man for Emily" he also has a tendency to mimic John (this is the best part of the episode).
Tyso imitates John
curtosy of Amy H.- thanks!

Mike Bell (Michael Holoway) appears in seasons 4 through the end. He is brash, and doesn't always think before he acts, usually resulting in schemes that John would never approve of that generally end up for the best- they succeed. In fact, one of the two hairbrained schemes he follows that backfire was actually Andrew's idea. However, he does tend to do really stupid things- this is really only noticeable if you watch "The Dirtiest Business" thru "War of the Empires" all together- skipping Andrew's first season. He is quite close to Hsui Tai, and towards the end of the run, starts acting slightly more responsibly- or at least more protectively of the younger Tomorrow People.
Mike in a Hawain shirt
Mike, Hsui Tai, and Mike's bad fashion sense :).
(scanned from TV Zone Special no 23, p 12)

Hsui Tai (pronounced " Sue Tie" - which is how I thought it was spelled when I first started watching) (Misako Koba) appears in the last three seasons. She was raised as a child goddess by a bunch of monks who belived these child gods could protect them. They also believed that these gods were reborn into newborn babies only if their previous earthly host is burned alive by the age of 16. She is as innocent as such an upbringing would suggest, and it is often easy to forget she's even there if she's not in the shot. Hsui Tai would probably join the Doctor on his travels in a minute, and no one except maybe Mike would bat an eyelash. She also has a very bad habit of running down stairs in a tizzy. Hsui Tai is always called by both names, never just Hsui (which would be her family name) or Tai (her personal name). Ms. Koba barely spoke English, and it frequently shows in Hsui Tai's lines.

Andrew Forbes (Nigel Rhodes) was in the last three seasons. He's actually from Scotland, and spends most of his time on the series wearing a kilt ("The Living Skins" actually starts with the TP looking for new clothes for Andrew). He has a talent for creating hallucinations and uses it to drum up business for his father's hotel. He also has a devious streak- in "War of the Empires" he pretends to be an American while trying to rescue Mike and Hsui Tai from the White House where they're being held after being struck by volumin.

Elana (Helen Goldwyn) appears in the Big Finish audio CDs and works as a travel agent. She is sensitive, iquisitive and hates being called Ellie.

Paul Pryor (Daniel Wilson) appears in the Big Finish CD series. He is skeptical, sarcastic, and likes making bawdy jokes about John that I find rather... out of character (for John, not for Paul). Makes you wonder about Paul.


Original Series Minor Characters

More or less in order of appearance- at least by serial:


Jedikiah (Frances De Wolf and Roger Bizley) an evil shape changing robot with a grudge against the Tomorrow People. He appears in "Slaves of Jedikiah", "The Medusa Strain", and "Revenge of Jedikiah".

Ginge Harding (Michael Standing) appears in the first season. Ginge is a motorcycle thug who fell in with the TP after being marooned in space by Jedikiah, who kidnapped Stephen in the first serial. He smokes, gets into trouble, and flexes his muscles when the TP won't.

Lefty (Derek Crewe) appears in season one. He is Ginge's friend and met the TP in the same way. He is quieter than Ginge and pretty much serves as Ginge's sidekick.

Peter (Richard Speight) a time guardian who appears in "The Medusa Strain" and "A Rift in Time". Time guardians are in charge of the maintance of the time lanes and are telepaths from the future. Peter is well over 100, but looks about 16 or so.

Chris Harding , (Chirstopher Chittel) is Ginge's little brother and appears in season two and the first serial of season three. He is much smarter than his brother, and less rebellous. A friend of mine who is a very big Dr. Who fan said: "He fulfills the companion function of asking stupid questions" . Chris also is the TP's major muscle and often thinks of schemes that they are too straight to think of themselves- such as kidnapping the Prime Minister in "Secret Weapon" (he gets a really great speech about how the government should leave the TP's lone in that story).

Professor Cawston ( Bryan Stanion) appears in "A Rift in Time", "Secret Weapon", and "Revenge of Jedikiah". He actually located Tyso (for psychokinetic experiments) before the other Tomorrow People did. His basic function was to be a sort of Sap foil- trying to look out for the kids but not getting too far- except for in "A Rift in Time" in which he was pretty much a plot device, and in "Revenge of Jedikiah" where is overprotectiveness is almost responsible for the TP's undoing.

Patricia "Tricia" Conway (Anne Cuthroys) appears in "Secret Weapon" and "Revenge of Jedikiah". She is a telepath working for the British Intellegence agency. To say anything more would be spoilers.

Colonel Masters (Trevor Bannister) appears in "Secret Weapon" and "Revenge of Jedikiah". He is an army officer researching Psi ablities for the British, and Tricia's boss.

Mrs. Boswell (Joanna Tope) Tyso's mother. She threatens John and Elizabeth with Gypsy magic and completely freaks out when she sees them jaunt. She doesn't seem to have taken too kindly to Tyso being a Tomorrow Person either. (Appearances: "Secret Weapon" and "Worlds Away".)

Evergreen Boswell (Denise Cook) Tyso's little sister. She appears in "Secret Weapon", I think "Worlds Away", and "Revenge of Jedikiah". She is enthused about Tyso's powers and seems to have taken rather well to Stephen.

Timus Irnok Masta (Philip Gilbert) is the ambassoder to emergent worlds from the Galactic Trig. He appears in "Worlds Away", "Into the Unknown", "A Much Needed Holiday", "Achilles Heel", and "War of the Empires". He is paranoid about getting greetings and such correct, and was so worried about his attire when he first met the Tomorrow People that he asked Kenny (then on the Trig) for advice- and appeared wearing a very splendid old-fashioned officer's uniform- feather and all! He is close clone brother to Timon and Tikno (which means he is played by the same actor as TIM and has the same voice). He frequently encourages the Tomorrow People to interfere in worlds where aliens are interfering in their affairs- despite a policy of the Trig to do otherwise.

Tikno (Philip Gilbert) is a less by-the-book ambassodor for the Trig. He appears in "Worlds Away" and "Revenge of Jedikiah", he is also played by the same actor who plays TIM.

Bruce Forbes (Dominic Allen) is Andrew's father, who appears in "Castle of Fear" and "Achilles Heel". He is an old-fashioned G-d fearing man, rather set in his ways. He first thinks Andrew's powers are the devil's work- although we don't get to see Liz and John convince him otherwise (darn :)). He owns the hotel and is rather superstitous.


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