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Tommy is putting out a DVD of all his music videos to date. Details are at the official site.

Who is Tommy Page?


Tommy Page is a singer/songwriter originally from New Jersey. His most well known songs are "A Shoulder to Cry On", "I'll be Your Everything" and "When I Dream of You".

I have a vague recollection here, did he have something to do with New Kids on the Block?

Tigger sighs. OK, he opened for them a couple times, and three of them co-wrote two songs on his "Paintings in My Mind" CD and Donnie produced them. That was eleven years ago, let's just give it a rest OK? Though to be fair, I doubt I would've heard enough of Tommy's music if this collaboration hadn't happened to bother buying the CD. And given the number of times I've plunked one of his CDs into my stereo when I'm feeling stressed, not hearing his music would've been a bad thing.

Other factoids:

Tommy plays piano and writes his own songs for the piano, yet he was unable to read the music that his teachers wanted him to.

He was discovered by Madonna's record producer while working as a hat check boy at a night club. (He'd had one song pressed onto a vinyl record so the club's DJ could play it, and the producer must've had an ear for music and signed him on.)
(Note: this comes from an interview on Nickelodeon's Don't Just Sit There in 1989.)

Also visit the quote page.

So what's this guy's most recent album?

What country are you in? His last US album was "From the Heart", which came out in 1991. Yeah, a long time ago (in a galaxy far, far away-- OK I wish High School was) and he's still one of my favorite singers. He's just _that_ good, so of course, his career went absolutely nowhere in the states. Go figure.

Our Asian friends have more taste, however. He had three more albums released in Japan and Hong Kong. The most recent is called "Loving You", and he has an unofficial one the record company opted not to release on ebay (search for Tommy Page-- there are many to sell, and I don't want the links having to go bad-- I get too little sleep as it is). There's more information on his official site. Thanks to this page, I've managed to acquire most of the Asian albums, and they're pretty good. Sorry, I don't make copies, firstly I have lots of studying to do and no time, and secondly Tommy's a web surfer, and that's a good way to get myself in big trouble copyrightwise (same for MP3s-- unless I can figure out how to get iTunes to just rip clips). I have compiled a bunch of suggestions for trying to get them, though.

So does anyone else keep a web page?

Van used to keep the official page, but after a take over debacle and a long wait, he's turned the official site over to others and it's now live again.

. Many years ago, Van sent me the cool picture at the top of the page.

While trying to figure out where the official site went, I stumbled across John Robert's site. He has RealPlayer sound samples (or did when I last checked). Go check it out!

What, only one picture?

I started with the web on lynx, which had NO graphics. I also hate slow loading pages, so I try to keep it simple. Besides, that gives me lots of room for the copious amount of fanfic I keep meaning to write.

So what are his albums and songs?

The discography is elsewhere.

If you have comments, news, suggestions, or just want to chat, please feel free to contact me at Please remember to tell me you're talking about Tommy Page, and not just TP, because I'm likely to get really confused as to which TP you're talking about (I can think of at least five off the top of my head, and Tommy's usually second).

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