Ninja Storm Drabbles

Please mind the episode titles. Assume all drabbles contain spoilers for the episode they represent. Summaries may be spoilers for TS 2. But you probably guessed anyway.

Please note I have added drabbles for both There's No I In Team and Snip It, Snip It Good in their story sequence. (Snip it goes before Return of Thunder, not before The Wild Wipeout.)

Prelude to a Storm Batman Syndrome
Just how did Power Rangers become the stuff of urban legends in Blue Bay Harbor rather than the 6 o'clock news in Angel Grove? Posted February 24, 2003

There's no "I" in Team Luck
Cam contemplates how the Winds got to be Rangers. Posted October 5, 2003.

Beauty and the Beach Fair Warning.
Dustin and Shane go to the beach just before the tag. Posted March 8, 2003

Looming Thunder Drop it
Shane and Dustin discuss Blake and Hunter just before the tag Posted March 15, 2003.

Thunder Strangers Part 1 Worried 1
The Navy Thunder Ranger contemplates Crimson's state of mind following the Zord Battle. Posted March 23, 2003

Thunder Strangers Part 2

Thunder Strangers Part 3 Hesitation
The answer to the burning question: what are you thinking? Posted April 5, 2003 (Several drabbles were withheld for lack of canonical evidence. Good thing too, they got "Jossed".)

Room to Grow Everyone
Cam and the Winds after the tag. Posted April 12, 2003

Snip it, Snip it Good Closet Cleansweep
Tori looks for clothes to give away. But her thoughts wander elsewhere. Posted October 5, 2003

Return of Thunder Part 1 Puppy Dog Eyes
Why did Dustin really allow Tori to borrow his pride and joy? Posted April 20, 2003

Return of Thunder Part 2 Alone?
Blake realizes that Hunter needs his help. Posted May 3, 2003

Return of Thunder Part 3 Journey
Blake and Hunter on the way home. Posted May 15, 2003

Return of Thunder Part 4 Yellow Green Ranger
Dustin's thoughts as his friends go talk to Roger Hannah. Posted May 20, 2003

Boxing Bopp a Roo Worried 3
Shane is concerned about Blake and Hunter's situation. Posted May 24, 2003

Pork Chopped Shut Out
Hunter reflects on Blake asking Tori out. Posted May 31, 2003

The Samurai's Journey Part 1

The Samarai's Journey Part 2

The Samurai's Journey Part 3

The Scent of a Ranger Stupid Posted July 3, 2003
Shane berates himself for not picking up on CyberCam sooner. (Title a comment on the episode? Whatever gave you that idea?)

I Love Lothor Skipping Stones Posted July 3, 2003
Tori and Hunter discuss Blake and the effects of the spell.

Good Will Hunter Breakthrough
Hunter's thoughts as he saves Charlie from the Kelzaks

All About Beevil
Posted July 12, 2003.

Sensei Switcheroo Crazy
Cam's teammates are trying too hard to be there for him.

Tongue and Cheek Centered
Dustin contemplates his actions over the episode.

Brothers in Arms Nightmares
Blake and Hunter discuss the day's events.

Shane's Karma Part 1

Shane's Karma Part 2 Friendship
Tori doesn't let Shane brood after the tag.

Shiamazu Returns Part 1 Man to Man
Dustin, Shane, and Cam discuss Marah and Kapri's appearance at the museum.

Shiamazu Returns Part 2

The Wild Wipeout (All posted Oct 5, 2003)

Double Edged Blake Reserve
Cam contemplates constantly being left behind.

Eye of the Storm Comic Book Rules
Dustin and Cam discuss the team's compliance with the Power Rangers comic books.

General Deception part 1 Panic
Hunter's thoughts while Blake's dangling off that cliff.

General Deception part 2 Nap Time
Tori and Cam find the others napping at the campsite.

A Gem of a Day Secrets
Blake and Hunter have that talk.

Down and Dirty Options
Blake and Hunter have a heart to heart. Or is that a man to man talk? (I'm not a guy, I don't always get them...)

Storm Before the Calm (Both parts together since they were pretty much aired as such. Stateside, at least.)